An afternoon with my cousin Jim in Singapore

 I went to Singapore last June to attend the World Street Food Congress 2013. I arrived early Sunday morning and I had a few hours free time in the afternoon. Those precious few hours were supposed to be ‘rest time’ but for me it meant speed shopping since that was the only free time I hadContinue reading “An afternoon with my cousin Jim in Singapore”

Twinings Diamond Jubilee Loose Leaf Tea Blend

There’s nothing more I like than tea, well next to coffee that is. When Twinings sent me a can of their limited edition tea I made myself a cup or two. Perfect to drink on a lazy Sunday afternoon. All I needed was some scones. Too bad they didn’t send me that too. A TeaContinue reading “Twinings Diamond Jubilee Loose Leaf Tea Blend”

Sencha Tea from Chatime

The first time I tried Chatime was when they opened their first branch at Pioneer Center where I usually do my groceries. I ordered the Chatime Roasted milk tea since it was the first item on their menu and their bestseller.You may have read my entry for my favorite milk tea and know that I likeContinue reading “Sencha Tea from Chatime”