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My Kitchen - The Original Verena P790
My friend Ariel lives in San Francisco, a city with so many, many good pizzas. He’s the one who brought me to Pizzeria Delfina which I really enjoyed. I wanted him to try Chef Chris’ creation formerly known as panizza since I know think there’s nothing like that in the US yet.

This was my second time to eat at The Oasis Park Hotel location. Click here to see my first experience.
My Kitchen - -001

The panizza as it used to be called is now known as The Original. I guess Chef Chris got fed up with all the copycats and wanted his creation to be known as what it is – the original.
My Kitchen - The Original Verena P790-001
The Original Verena P790

I ordered the Verona which was made with “tomato and white truffle oil enhanced cheese sauce topped with scallop, prawns and sun dried tomatoes.”  This was my first time to try a tomato based pizza at My Kitchen and it was really the truffle oil that made me order it.

Unfortunately I didn’t smell or taste even a hint of truffle oil so that was a big letdown. Nevertheless, the pizza was still delicious but I still prefer their non-tomato versions better.

As expected Ariel really enjoyed it and can’t believe they don’t have anything like it in San Francisco. He already had plans to go back the next time he comes to Manila for a vacation.
My Kitchen - The Original Verena P790-002

I had a bad tummy and didn’t have ANY appetite which was a once in a lifetime experience. I only had a bite of the ox tongue and found it to be good but not as good as the ox tongue risotto I had before.
My Kitchen - tender ox tongue in rich wine sauce with tomatoes & herbs P700
tender ox tongue in rich wine sauce with tomatoes & herbs P700

The ox tongue was served with a generous portion of parmesan polenta and garlic glazed Italian broccoli.
My Kitchen - tender ox tongue in rich wine sauce with tomatoes & herbs P700-001
I don’t know if my taste buds were off that day but even the lamb ribs I raved about before was lacking in flavor and oomph.
slow roasted lamb ribs with garlic & rosemary rub P1,100
slow roasted lamb ribs with garlic & rosemary rub P1,100

Their menu boasted this dessert as “The BEST chocolate cake ever served with orange peel braised in brandy and dark swiss chocolate infused with Grand Marnier.” 

My friends and cousins know how much I LOVE the combination of orange and chocolate. It’s the only kind of chocolate I buy and collect. When I read the words orange peel and Grand Marnier in one sentence my heart pounded and I couldn’t wait for our meal to be over.
My Kitchen - triple chocolate cake P350
triple chocolate cake P350

The cake was served with two sauces which weren’t really needed and they weren’t that good either.
My Kitchen - triple chocolate cake P350-002

I was so giddy to see the generous bits of candied orange rind in between the layers of chocolate cake. I took a bite and Rochelle and Ariel were already waiting to hear me groan or even let out a “sh*t ang sarap” but all they heard was silence. The cake was soft, moist and indeed chocolatey but strangely the orange rind didn’t taste very orangey.

If I had a blindfold on and was fed the cake I would never have guessed there was orange in it. Could the orange rind have been overcooked? Could it be the variety of orange used inferior? I thought it was my off taste buds that was the problem but both Rochelle and Ariel agreed with my opinion. At least the orange rind provided a nice texture for the cake.
My Kitchen - triple chocolate cake P350-001

Ariel said the leche flan gelato was just ok. It did have chunks of leche flan in it.
My Kitchen - leche flan gelato P100
leche flan gelato P100

I would still go back if just to eat The Original and maybe some salad just like the two women who sat next to us. Maybe my next visit the food and my taste buds would cooperate and give me a better experience.

My Kitchen by Chef Chris
The Oasis Park Hotel
1032-34 Belen Street Paco, Metro Manila Philippines
My Kitchen’s Menu

One thought on “My Kitchen by Chef Chris

  1. I really enjoyed their panizza. The way the pizza was prepared was how I wanted them; thin crust, bold flavors. Although, I never liked prawns/shrimps on pizza, it worked for me on this one with the addition of arugula and sprouts. I just wished that the panizza was hot. I will definitely come back for this new ‘discovery’.


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