Vero Chocolates’ Brownie Love

Vero Chocolates - brownie HK$30
Something good happened in Hong Kong last December. Vero Chocolates opened a pop-up store in K11 mall which was a very short walk from where I stayed. I’ve never heard of Vero Chocolates before but by the end of my trip all the staff in the store knew me by sight.

Vero is an artisan chocolaltier based in Hong Kong. It stands proud amidst all the French brands that have sprouted in Hong Kong.
Vero Chocolates-001

Vero Chocolates-002

I didn’t buy any chocolates but I was able to try their signature 70% dark chocolate squares that they gave away as a promotion for K11 shoppers. It was really, really good. My kind of chocolate.
Vero Chocolates-003

Vero Chocolates-004

They are well known for their signature 70$ dark hot chocolate which sells for HK$45 for a small espresso sized cup.
Vero Chocolates- hot chocolate

I’ve tried both cookies and wasn’t impressed. I tried a tiny sample of their brownie and instantly fell in chocolate lust.
Vero Chocolates-006

I love brownies but I seldom buy them specially in Manila because more often than not I am disappointed. It’s usually too fudgy, too cakey and most often lacking chocolate flavor. I’m very picky when it comes to brownies. So what do these ordinary looking brownies taste like?
Vero Chocolates - brownie HK$30-001

Take a block of high quality dark chocolate and melt it. Throw in eggs and a small amount of flour just enough to bind the mixture together. Add a generous amount of dark chocolate chunks and whole walnuts and that’s Vero’s sinfully decadent & indulgent and almost overwhelming pool of chocolate love which they call a brownie.

Somehow the simple name is lacking for this bar cookie that any die hard chocolate lover will definitely love. I never thought I would ever encounter a chocolate dessert that will bring me down on my knees with one bite. Actually one bite is more than enough to satiate my craving for an after meal sweet. It’s so potent a bite literally makes my throat ache a bit. It’s best eaten in small bites throughout a day or two. This brownie goes great with black coffee or a shot of espresso.
Vero Chocolates - brownie HK$30-002
brownie HK$30

Even after a day or two it remains soft, fudgy and fresh. It’s unbelievable that I can stretch a small brownie into two days. It’s really that rich. Needless to say this IS the best brownie I’ve ever eaten. So far.
Vero Chocolates - brownie HK$30-003

The staff were nice enough to let me try a sample of their hot chocolate. My, oh my, it was so thick, rich and tasted like pure dark chocolate. I liked it so much more than the famous hot chocolate of Angelina in Paris. Now I understand why they serve it in small espresso cups. No one can drink a full sized cup of this super decadent hot chocolate.

I found the recipe online and it reads more like a recipe for ganache than hot chocolate. No wonder it’s so good. I’ve tried their cafe mocha which used their hot chocolate mixed with espresso and milk and it was fantastic too.

Vero’s Signature Hot Chocolate
1 cup Vero Signature Dark 70% chocolate
1cup Whole Milk
Heat milk and add finely chopped chocolate and stir until melted.
Click here for more pictures.
Vero Chocolates- hot chocolate-001
hot chocolate sample

My first taste of Vero was actually on my first day in Hong Kong when I had dinner with Jin and for dessert we shared some pastries she bought from Vero. Both were good but I’ll stick to my beloved brownie.
Vero Chocolates- chocolate raspberry tart, hazelnut & black sesame eclair
chocolate raspberry tart, hazelnut & black sesame eclair

On my last day in Hong Kong just before I left for the airport I made one last trip to Vero. As I neared the counter one of the staff had her hand on the brownie dome and asked, “How many brownies?” I replied shyly, “Four please.” Jin was lucky to be the recipient of one brownie since we took the same flight back to Manila. The others were ALL mine!!!

I’m pretty sure the pop-up store in K11 won’t be there when I go back to Hong Kong this Holy Week. I do hope they open somewhere in Tsim Sha Tsui or else I won’t have any choice but go to Landmark in Central just to stock up on brownies and I’ll definitely try a whole cup of hot chocolate.

Vero Chocolates
Shop 236, 2/F, Landmark Atrium,
15 Queens Road,Central, Hong Kong
telephone: +852-2559-5810

Opening Hours:
Mon – Fri: 8am – 8pm
Sat. Sun & Public Holiday: 10:30am – 7:30pm


9 thoughts on “Vero Chocolates’ Brownie Love

  1. I beg to disagree. This brownie is soooooo good I can finish it in 5 minutes. To stretch it into 2 days is torture. Thank you for my baon, Les! Next time hating kapatid! Hahaha! 🙂


  2. Haha, no, ayaw ko! But this year it’s a private sale, and they sent out invites to registered buyers. I can give you my invite if you want, pero hanggang 24th lang yung sale.


  3. I didn’t go anymore since my tummy alone is heavy for me to carry. I’ll update you on the September sale, most likely a few days before the sale starts though since I only got the invite a few days prior.


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