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Taste Central
You all know I’m a foodie but what you don’t know is I’m an online shopaholic too. When I go to the US and stay in my cousin’s house she is shocked that a lot of packages arrive from Amazon among others. Even when I’m in Manila I often add stuff to my Amazon wish list waiting for a relative to come home to Manila before I hit the BUY button.

I’m glad that e-commerce is growing in the Philippines. Gone are the days of bank deposits and faxing the document to ensure delivery.  It’s just bad for people like me who love the convenience of shopping online.

The latest merchant to enter the market is Taste Central which is a partner of popular coupon site Deal Grocer.

What I like about Taste Central was how well they chose the items they sold online.  They had lots of things I never knew existed, never knew I needed, never knew I wanted and never knew I MUST have. I was about to order those yummy looking Japanese cookies but two days later they were all sold out. You have to act fast when you see something you like on the site.

Navigating is easy. I used my iPad to browse, order and pay for my transaction. The site is not formatted for mobile use but it worked well on my iPad.

Shipping fee is only P100 per transaction no matter how many things you order. My package arrived a couple of days later. It felt like Christmas seeing this beautiful box.
Taste Central -001

My goodies were very well packed.
Taste Central -002

Taste Central -003

Taste Central -004

I love coffee and tea so I also collect interesting mugs and cups. As soon I saw these cute stoneware mugs on a tray I just had to buy it. I loved that the mugs were bigger than I thought. More coffee to drink!

I also bought a couple of Pangea lip balms which have been in my Amazon wish list for the longest time. I was happy that Taste Central’s price was almost the same as Amazon’s.
Taste Central - Crate & Barrel's Red Pick Me Up Mugs with Tray
Crate & Barrel’s Red Pick Me Up Mugs with Tray

So what are you waiting for? Join Taste Central and start shopping now. Oh by the way you can use this link to join so I can get credits for more shopping. Bwa ha ha ha. Don’t blame me if you get hooked too!!!

4 thoughts on “Online Shopping on Taste Central

  1. Hi Leslie, I’ve just discovered your blog when I was searching for Manila hotels. I’ve been reading your posts esply your travels. I’ve been to some of the places you have visited ( France, Rome, SG, Taipei etc.). My husband and I are looking forward to see HK again, syempre pati sa Phil. We always go home. 🙂 Btw, we currently live in Silicon Valley, am so glad you featured Napa Valley. We’ll be back kasi dami namin na-miss dun based sa post mo! Thank you for sharing all these to us, very detailed pa! Take care! besYS


  2. Before, their service was great but now not so much, they send me a damaged shoes so I ask for an exchange and wait for it for 2-3 weeks, it said on the website it will be delivered 3-4 days but on reality you have to wait longer than what to expect. before they sent me the damaged shoes I also wait for it longer I think it took 3 weeks, so 2-3 weeks for delivering the damaged shoes and 3 weeks to exchange it. I keep on emailing mr. Arby (I think the head of logistics in taste central) and he’s being agreeable but keep on failing to deliver what you expect, I still have a pending item, it’s supposed to be deliver on may 30 ( order it on april 30, 3-4 weeks to be delivered) up until now (7-4-14) I still haven’t got the item. at first they where responding to my emails and then it stop, I just like to know when can I have my item. if I only I can post those emails, my orders acknowledgement and the taste central site that promise to deliver on said date I would have.


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