Nachos at Hermanos Taco Shop

Hermano's carne asada nachos P195
Have I ever mentioned before that I love nachos ☺?  I’ve read mixed reviews about Heramanos Taco Shop but I had to try their nachos myself and be the judge.

I pass by Granada Avenue every Tuesday and it was only last week that I finally noticed Hermanos Taco Shop. My eyes seem to always focus on Arny Dading’s Peachy Peachy right beside it. They’re both located next to a gas station.
Hermanos Taco Shop

Hermanos Taco Shop-003

Hermanos Taco Shop-004

Hermanos Taco Shop menu 2

So many choices but I was dead set on the nachos which they call Carne Asada Chips.
Hermanos Taco Shop menu
Hermanos Taco Shop menu

Hermanos Taco Shop-005

I ordered the regular size for take out but I ate most of it in their shop. The regular was quite a big serving. It was definitely good for at least 2 people.
Hermanos carne asada nachos P195
carne asada nachos P195

I really liked the tender and well seasoned steak cubes better than the usual ground beef other places use. Instead of cheese sauce they used real cheese and warmed up the nachos under the broiler until the cheese melted. This way it also insured that the sour cream was warm and not ice cold from the refrigerator. Cold sour cream on hot nachos is not a good thing.

My nachos came with a container of spicy salsa which I only used when I was down to the last few soggy chips without any topping or sauce.
Hermanos carne asada nachos P195-002

There was a lot of toppings well spread out. Almost every chip had something on it.
Hermanos carne asada nachos P195-003

Even the bottom tortilla chips had melted cheese. I would have given their nachos top marks except the tortilla chips were makunat or stale. I wonder it’s because how it was fried or stored. They definitely should improve this since the tortilla chips are the major component of nachos. Other than that I really enjoyed my late lunch of nachos.
Hermanos carne asada nachos P195-004

Hermanos Taco Shop
#27 Granada Avenue, corner Jose O. Vera St., 1112 Quezon City, Philippines
telephone: 570-8425

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