Highlands Coffee

Highlands Coffee - Cafe Sua Da (iced coffee with condensed milk) P119Whenever I go to my store in Jollibee Plaza I pass by a sign “Highlands Coffee Opening Soon” and since I am a coffee addict I was very excited.

Highlands Coffee, a Vietnamese import, opened their latest branch at Eton Emerald Lofts on the same street as Jollibee Plaza and only a 1 minute walk away.
Highlands Coffee-001

Highlands Coffee-002

Highlands Coffee store hours

Highlands Coffee-016

Highlands Coffee-015

It’s summer in Manila and it’s hot, hot, hot so I ordered the Cafe Sua Da or iced coffee with condensed milk.
Highlands Coffee menu

Highlands Coffee menu-001 Highlands Coffee menu-002

Highlands Coffee menu (click to enlarge)

Highlands Coffee-008

Highlands Coffee cakes & pastries
cakes & pastries

Highlands Coffee cakes & pastries-001

I liked the open display of their sandwiches, salads, pasta and drinks. It reminded me of Pret A Manger.
Highlands Coffee sandwiches, salads, pasta
sandwiches, salads, pasta

The sweet potato chips caught my interest but I found the very light bag too expensive at P75. I will try it one of these days if I can find it in the supermarket. Click here for Annette’s Kamote Crunch Facebook page.
Highlands Coffee- Anette's Kamote Crunch P75
Anette’s Kamote Crunch

The premium three cheese sandwich looks interesting.
Highlands Coffee sandwiches, salads, pasta-001

I also want to try the rosemary chicken sandwich and smoked salmon egg salad sandwich.
Highlands Coffee sandwiches, salads, pasta-002

I ordered my iced coffee to go. I was surprised that they poured my coffee from a pitcher instead of making it from a Vietnamese drip filter (cà phê phin). Maybe they just use it for dine in orders. I was also initially dismayed that P119 (US$3) got me only half a small cup of coffee and lots of ice.

I changed my opinion as soon as I took a sip. Oh boy was it strong and sweet!! I take my coffee strong, I also enjoy drinking espresso with a dash of cream and sugar so I’m definitely not a coffee wimp but this coffee was so strong I had to wait for some of the ice to melt. I wanted to do the happy dance with every sip. Next time I will just request for less condensed milk since it was a tad too sweet for me.

Even though the coffee was strong it lacked aroma or any distinct flavor nuance. I don’t mind though since the strength was enough to give me my morning wake up shot and more.
Highlands Coffee - Cafe Sua Da (iced coffee with condensed milk) P119-001

Note: The manager told me I wasn’t allowed to take pictures thankfully after I’ve finished taking all these shots. He claimed, “We have to protect our store identity.” I found that strange since any industrial spy can just enter any of their stores to look at anything they want. I guess they don’t understand the benefit of free advertising from blogs like mine. Oh well….

This was the only the second time in my 4 years of blogging that I’ve been told not to take pictures. Both times in the Philippines.

Highlands Coffee
Emerald Eton Loft
F. Ortigas Jr. Rd. (Emerald Ave. cor Garnet Road) 
Ortigas Center, Pasig City

9 thoughts on “Highlands Coffee

  1. I’ve never had Vietnamese coffee, I’m scared it’s too strong I’d be awake for days! I enjoyed reading your blog, specially your detailed account of your Spain trip. I’m planning our next adventure sometime next year and you just convinced me, Madrid it is! 🙂 PS – thanks for leaving such a sweet comment on my blog. Really made my day. Grace.


  2. Oh really?! Well, since we’ll be in the vicinity already, might as well. We came so close to going to Spain a few years back, had tickets booked and all. But we cancelled at the last minute fearing for safety when Spain went 26% unemployment…


  3. Hi Leslie!Highlands Coffee is a popular Vietnamese coffee chain but I like Trung Nguyen coffee more. Locals would normally suggest that Trung Nguyen is their best coffee which I agree with. I think 103PHP is pretty expensive, here a cup of ca phe sua da costs around 10k VND or 20 php and at Highlands, I think around 1.5USD. It took me 2 years to fully appreciate the very strong Vietnamese coffee since I didn’t like the idea of putting condensed milk with my coffee.


  4. HI Leslie. Would you know if this branch (or any Highlands coffee branch for that matter) is still open? I’ve been trying to locate one but can’t get through any of the phone numbers I see online. Thank you.


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