Sandy’s Pizza

Sandy's Pizza - white pizza, Margherita, spicy tuna
I have food cravings and it happens in phases. First it was sushi. I must have eaten sushi two to three times a week until I can’t even look at sushi. Next was nachos. My latest obsession is pizza.

I haven’t eaten pizza in a while and I wanted it delivered so my favorite pizzas from Nolita or My Kitchen was out. My best option was Sandy’s Pizza which I haven’t eaten in many years.
Sandy's Pizza

I chose 3 ‘healthier’ toppings instead of my all-time favorite pepperoni pizza.
Sandy's Pizza - white pizza, Margherita, spicy tuna-002
14″ Sandy’s Sampler P550 – white pizza, Margherita, spicy tuna

The spicy tuna wasn’t on their menu but I saw it on their Facebook page so I ordered it. I really liked the combination of spicy tuna flakes, olives and peppers. They should make put it permanently on their menu.

What I initially didn’t like was the crust which was a tad to thick for me. It wasn’t crunchy at all. I wasn’t even going to blog about it. I changed my mind the next day when I toasted the leftover pizza and it became crunchy and I suddenly loved it.
Sandy's Pizza - spicy tuna pizza
spicy tuna pizza

I’ve always liked their Margherita pizza due to the pesto they add.
Sandy's Pizza - Margherita pizza
Margherita pizza

My least favorite was the white pizza which had mozzarella, parmesan and kesong puti cheeses. It wasn’t bad at all but I’m just not a ‘cheese pizza person’. I would add garlic and anchovies to the 3 cheese pizza and that would be delish!
Sandy's Pizza - white pizza
white pizza

Sandy’s Pizza is a very good next day pizza. I ate a couple of slices for lunch and dinner and loved it.
Sandy's pizza menu
Sandy’s pizza menu (photo from Sandy’s Pizza’s Facebook page)

Sandy’s pizza
Delivery: Call 721-8334 / 721-8329
Delivery Areas:
They deliver to San Juan, Mandaluyong, Pasig, Ortigas, Marikina, Katipunan, QC, Cubao, Sta. Mesa, Sta. Ana, Makati, and the Fort

2 thoughts on “Sandy’s Pizza

  1. I feel your food craving phases! Mine was pizza, pasta, and now cold soba.. Haha.. Anyway, I haven’t tried Sandy’s Pizza yet and I doubt they’d deliver to my area. Their pizza flavors seem good though, they even have non-conventional pizza variants! 🙂


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