Melbourne – Brunetti

Brunetti, Melbourne- torat d'arancia & apple strudel
Deb and I went to Myer department store on Burke Street in Melbourne. While the merchandise was beautiful it was too expensive for me if I compare the prices to Manila and the USA. Since I was about to leave the store empty handed I decided to console myself with goodies from Brunetti located on the 3rd floor of the store.

Deb said their coffee was good too but I had more than my quota of coffee by then.
Brunetti, Melbourne-001

Brunetti, Melbourne-002

Brunetti, Melbourne

Brunetti, Melbourne-003

They have merenda and we have merienda. The words differ by a letter but the meaning is the same – snack. I bet they only have 1 merenda a day while Filipinos have one in the morning and one in the afternoon.
Brunetti, Melbourne-005

Brunetti, Melbourne-004
Brunetti menu

My eyes were as big as marbles when I saw all the delicious pastries. How on earth was I supposed to choose?
Brunetti, Melbourne-006

Brunetti, Melbourne-007

Brunetti, Melbourne-008

Brunetti, Melbourne-009

Deb immediately chose an apple strudel.
Brunetti, Melbourne-010

I chose the torta d’arancia or flourless orange and almond cake. I’ve seen recipes of this cake and have always been curious as to what it tasted like.
Brunetti, Melbourne-011

Brunetti, Melbourne-012

Brunetti, Melbourne-013
savoury pies, pasta and pizza

Brunetti, Melbourne-014
Santa Chiara coffee beans

Brunetti, Melbourne-015

The apple strudel was good and filled with so much tart apple cubes.

I super duper loved by orange almond cake. This cake was gluten free which means it didn’t contain any flour and only ground almonds were used to make the cake. I loved the fine gritty texture of the almonds and it was very moist too. The orange flavor was divine as expected.
Brunetti, Melbourne- torat d'arancia & apple strudel
torat d’arancia & apple strudel

When our other friends arrived from Manila we went back for more pastries. I still love the orange almond cake the best.
Brunetti, Melbourne- pastries (hazelnut & coffee torte, lobster tail)
hazelnut & coffee torte, lobster tail

On our last day Sam shared with us the birthday cake her friends gave her.
Brunetti, Melbourne-018

I’m normally not fond of chocolate mousse but this one was made with really good quality chocolate and it was superior to any similar cake I’ve tried in Manila.
Brunetti, Melbourne- chocolate mousse cake

Brunetti has a branch in Singapore too!! I will definitely go there for a slice of torta d’arancia.

Level 3, Myer,  Bourke Street, Melbourne 3000 Australia
Phone: (03) 9661 1380

Hours of Operation
Sunday – Wednesday (9am – 7pm)
Thursday & Friday (9am – 9pm)

Brunetti Singapore
Tanglin Mall 
163 Tanglin Road #01-35/36 Singapore 247933
Phone: (65) 6733 9088

Hours of Operation
Friday, Saturday and Eve of Public Holidays (8am-10pm)
Sunday to Thursday (8am-9pm)

other branches

2 thoughts on “Melbourne – Brunetti

  1. The original Brunetti is located in Lygon street, in Carlton, where Melbourne’s Little Italy is located. It is a bigger place and has more to offer, that’s why it is always crowded. My four-year-old grandson is very fond of the coffeeshop”s babycino (actually frothed milk without coffee) in this place. It is walking distance from Myer. Melbourne beats Sydney when it comes to restaurants/food. Next time, try the following areas: Chinatown on Little Bourke street(spitting distance from Myer), of course, Lygon street, Brunswick and Sydney roads for authentic Middle East food, Fitzroy and Collingwood (Spanish, Greek and European), St. Kilda(like Santa Monica), the newly developed Docklands and a bit farther down is Willliamstown. By the way, the new format is impressive..


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