The World Street Food Congress 2013

Denmark’s Porc Sandwich
photo from: World Street Food Congress
The good news is I’m off to Singapore to attend the World Street Food Congress through the invitation of the Singapore Tourism Board. I won’t be able to update my blog for a while but do follow me on Facebook and Instagram to see all the delicious street food I will be eating. 


The World Street Food Congress 2013
From Street Market to World Markets
May 31st to June 9th, 2013, in Singapore
“To recognise energies and galvanise opportunities for the world’s greatest culinary heritage- comfort street food” KF Seetoh, founder of Makansutra


An overwhelming majority ofthe world rely regularly on the biggest, most loved, yet most unstructured culinary culture in the world – street food – for sustenance. From Jolly Jeeps in
Philippines, the Kaki Limas in Indonesia, Falafel stands in the Middle East, food trucks and burger stalls in America, street stalls in Bangkok, tacos stands in Mexico, street food inns in China, and hawker stalls plus food courts in Singapore and Malaysia; to the cafes and fine restaurants that take comfort street food to an exquisite level.
First of its kind in the world
This most popular food culture has an unquestioned place in the hearts and minds of many around the world. Largely, it was born during trying times of developing nations and it has, over decades and centuries become an iconic food culture of the land.

Singapore is one such country that proudly celebrates its journey from a haphazard blend of different tastes to a thriving food paradise. In Singapore, eating is considered a national pastime and cuisines from all over the world are available, but the humble street food culture has evolved into an iconic culinary phenomenon delivered through her flourishing hawker centres.

In the United States of America, food truck culture is proliferating right now and adored by millions, largely brought forth by the protracted economic downturn. Thailand, the world’s often top rated street food city in the world, where even the revered King once decreed that his Royal recipes be made available for her people, actively promotes the exportation her authentic food culture.

In India, there are at least 3 million street food vendors, both licensed and itinerant. However, with the rising incomes and aspirations of her people, habits and expectations are changing for the street
food scene. The government, in collaboration with street hawker and vendors associations nationwide has been working to legalise and recognise this iconic yet unexalted force of the nation and turn it into coherent opportunities and experiences for her people and guests.

These measures are all steps in the right direction but as they occur in isolation from one another, the opportunity then arises for greater collaboration and more focused efforts to ensure that street
food, so dearly loved by all, retains its iconic status yet create opportunities for the masses worldwide.

The World Street Food Congress is the first of its kind in the world to connect all the fractured energies with the aim to address continuity, open up fresh ideas and inspire thought leadership to structure new opportunities for the massive street food culture and industry. It will also celebrate

and showcase the richness and vibrancy of the street food scene around the world through a ten- day gastro-cultural jamboree.

Themed From Street Market objectives: to World Market, the WSFC seeks, primarily, to address three

1. Preserve artisanal craft and heritage:
• To heighten awareness, build appeal, address continuity and facilitate the representation of
this artisanal heritage – of affordable, meaningful meals, sustainable practices and
conservation of food cultures.
• Bond the different communities and foster deeper engagement for and with industry professionals and business owners, tourism bodies, our youth, schools and the general public.

2. Professionalise the industry:
• To create opportunities for the industry professionals and corporations – by opening channels to encourage sharing of ideas and steer international collaborations on various street food projects targeting the masses (e.g. To facilitate employability and skills capabilities in this field – facilitating job opportunities and required skills development.

3. New Possibilities:
• Through a networking process, to link up and strengthen the scattered and fractured street
food players and energies worldwide, the event aims to widen the
possibilities of this industry – create and house the global street food community, both on and offline to generate new opportunities for people, create relevance, widen industry horizons, and address sustainability and empowerment. With a structured platform like the World Street Food Congress, the world of street food is an oyster, the possibilities limited only by one’s imagination.

The World Street Food Congress is organized by Makansutra, and is the brainchild of its indefatigable founder, KF Seetoh. Supported by the Singapore Tourism Board, the event comprises of three components; The World Street Food Dialogue; A 2-days conference and network event, The World Street Food Jamboree; A 10-days feasting Jamboree by at least 35 best street food masters from around the world and The World Street Food Awards; A first of its kind in the world to acknowledge and give international recognition to quietly famous street food icons, as well as to give recognition the representation each country and culture brings.

“I would like to commend Makansutra on their vision and courage to undertake this significant task of uniting street food aficionados from around the world. By bringing together street food vendors, professionals and industry players, the World Street Food Congress will help propel the standard and stature of the street food trade to higher levels through intellectual discourse and exchange of ideas, and of course provide unprecedented feasting opportunities for food lovers. Singapore is home to a rich culinary heritage, one nourished by our multicultural environment. We are therefore delighted to be a part of the inaugural World Street Food Congress and look forward to sharing our own vibrant street food culture with the rest of the world while learning about how others enjoy their street food.” – Lionel Yeo, CEO Singapore Tourism Board

The World Street Food Council
The World Street Food Congress is powered by the World Street Food Council*, a think tank comprising prominent names made up of influential thinkers, advocates and movers of the F&B eco- system in the world. They will function as thought leaders and vanguards of the industry at the World Street Food Congress.

Some of the names in the Council include Anthony Bourdain, world renowned television personality, author and avid street food advocate; James Oseland, Editor-in-Chief of Saveur magazine and acclaimed author of Cradle of Flavor (one of 2007’s best books by Time Asia and the New York Times); Johnny Chan, top China TV food host and winemaker; and KF Seetoh, Makansutra’s founder and CEO.

*The full list of the World Street Food Council will be announced at a later date.

About Makansutra
Makansutra (S) Pte Ltd is founded by KF Seetoh and headquartered in Singapore. We believe that food culture is the root of culinary knowledge and the source of its ultimate pleasure when eating as it reflects the best and most genuine cultural heritage, its representation and association with the people of today. We endeavour to share and celebrate all aspects of culinary kingdom through our food guides, online content, eateries, specialised events, projects and TV shows.

For more information please visit or contact us as below.

Carol Anne Wah
Tel: (65) 6438 4038
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7 thoughts on “The World Street Food Congress 2013

  1. Street food is like the an open book culture. In order for you to know more about a certain country you must try their street food and eventually learn the history behind the food. I wish i could be there though.Cheers!Shannon


  2. wow! how I love to be there too! found your awesome blog while searching for information about a Korean restaurant…I just love your thoughts on food and the energy your page exudes.. this is highly recommended to those who have no appetite! happy eating! 🙂


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