GourmetFinds Doughnut-Croissants

If there’s a food fad somewhere in the world but specially in the USA you can be sure creative and enterprising Filipinos will have a version in a flash. 

If you’ve been living under a rock and don’t know the fad that Dominique Ansel’s cronut created from his shop in New York to virtually every corner in Manila then let me introduce you to one home baker that made her own version.

Until now it’s mostly restaurants and bakeshops like Wildflour, Dolcelatte CafĂ©, Mandarin Hotel’s Deli, Intercon’s Jeepney bar, Chatime, Dunkin Donuts, and Krispy Kreme (and more that I’m sure I missed) that have their own take of the cronut with their own creative names since the original name is trademarked by the original creator. 

I’ve featured GourmetFinds several times since she’s one of my favorite home bakers and I just adore her gigantic Valrhona chocolate chip cookie and kouign amann (another Dominique Ansel specialty). This was actually my first time to try a ‘cronut’ or in this case a doughnut-croissant or DC. Krispy Kreme sent me a box to try but I was out of the country at the time so I wasn’t able to try it. 

The first flavor I tried was the green one thinking it was matcha or green tea. Unfortunately it was pistachio flavor which turned out to be good too. 

pistachio w/ pistachio cream filling P100


The DC was freshly fried when it arrived in my house that’s why it didn’t taste oily at all. GourmetFinds uses only new canola oil for each batch of DCs she makes. The exterior was crisp while the interior was soft. It wasn’t too sweet which I appreciated.

GourmetFinds doughnut-croissant

The best part for me was the light yet creamy pistachio flavored cream which bathed the fried delicacy. 

GourmetFinds doughnut-croissant


Another first for me was the crunchy speculoos butter (another fad in Manila) which I’m sorry to say I didn’t like. The DC was good but I don’t care for the speculoos topping. My favorite flavor was actually the salted caramel w/ almond cream filling. The chocolate w/ coffee filling was pretty good too. 

speculoos w/ vanilla filling

GourmetFinds menu

Gourmet Finds menu-001

As much as I enjoyed eating GourmetFinds’ doughnut-croissant I must confess that I still prefer the regular baked croissant which I can taste the crisp, buttery layers. The problem with this fried mutation is you can’t reheat it and must eat it fresh or it will get oily after a few hours. But do try this version and compare it to the ones in the market and let me know which one you like best. 

cellphone: (0921) 762-2240
pick up is at Narra Ave. Forbes Park, Makati
email: gourmetfinds@yahoo.com

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