Lunch at Early Bird Breakfast Club

This was my third time to eat at Early Bird Breakfast Club and not once have I eaten there for breakfast.

There are very few restaurants in my blog that have multiple entries. You know what this means right? I really like the food at Early Bird Breakfast Club. I’ve barely even tried most of the tempting choices since I’m stuck in love with their Chroizo & Mushroom Risotto. I always say I will order something else but this dish is what I will always order since I prefer a savory breakfast or lunch entree. Pancakes, waffles and the like are more like dessert for me.

Early Bird Breakfast Club - chroizo & mushroom risotto P465
chroizo & mushroom risotto P465


Rochelle forced me to try the French Toast Fondue which she promised me I would like. She was right! The thin pieces of bread dipped in egg and pan fried couldn’t have been more than a slice of bread but it was chewy yet had crisp edges. I would dip it in the chocolate sauce then take a bite then next dip it into cinnamon sugar then bite and last was a dunk in the maple syrup. Not only did we double dipped we triple dipped! Rochelle dipped her French toast in all at the same time. When you’ve been friends for as long as we have been there are no worries about double dipping or cross-dip contamination.

Early Bird Breakfast Club - French toast fondue P210
French toast fondue P210


The Bacon Twists weren’t crisp as promised in the menu but I didn’t mind since it was very lean. I don’t think it will crisp up since there was barely any fat. It was the perfect accompaniment to the French toast sticks. I would those two alternately for a perfect sweet and salty treat. Be sure to dip the bacon twist in maple syrup! 

Early Bird Breakfast Club - bacon twist P285
bacon twist P285


first time
second time

Early Bird Breakfast Club
Unit C, Ground Floor, Fort Pointe 2 Bldg.,
The Fort Complex, 28th Street, Bonifacio Global City, 1634 Taguig
telephone: (02) 808-9269

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