Hong Kong Prepaid Data Sim & Kee Tsui Cake Shop

The title of this post may seem strange to you. I wanted to share my discovery of a Hong Kong prepaid data sim card and I couldn’t just post two pictures so I threw in a delicious food find.

Cheap & Good Eats at Chiu Fat Porridge Noodle Restaurant

One of the restaurants we always patronize in Hong Kong is this hole in the wall restaurant that serves the best congee and pretty good noodle soup. Chiu Fat used to be in Hankow Rd. but now it moved to a more visible location in Lock Rd. It’s right beside Swindon Books and next toContinue reading “Cheap & Good Eats at Chiu Fat Porridge Noodle Restaurant”

De Original Jamaican Pattie Shop

I think I did more eating than shopping when I was in SM Megamall last December doing Christmas shopping for my godchildren. After my dessert at Akiba Cafe and successful purchase at Toy Kingdom I had lunch at my favorite Jamaican Pattie shop. This was the first shop I’ve been to with a seating area sinceContinue reading “De Original Jamaican Pattie Shop”

Lunch at Madeca at The Podium

Yesterday I went to The Podium for a simple errand for my cousin Sha who asked me to buy her a few bottles of squid ink from Terry’s Selection. This quick shopping trip led me to the 5th floor for lunch at Madeca. Madeca is located at the 5th floor cinema level of The PodiumContinue reading “Lunch at Madeca at The Podium”

Green King at Butao Ramen 豚王

Yesterday I went back to Butao Ramen since my mom and my friend Elizabeth wanted to try the Black King since I was raving about it. It was also my chance to try the Green King. That’s my mom sitting on the stool first in line at 11:30 am. They were a little late openingContinue reading “Green King at Butao Ramen 豚王”

Lunch at Butao Ramen 豚王

I’ve written that I’m not a big fan of ramen. I did try Ukokkei, Ippudo and Mitsuyado Sei-Men and enjoyed my meals there but still wasn’t convinced. I think I’ve found the ramen that has made me a convert. I’ve read about Butao Ramen from numerous blogs and online magazines and I’ve always wanted to tryContinue reading “Lunch at Butao Ramen 豚王”

Cafe de Coral (October 2012)

Sometimes you just want a quick and cheap meal in Hong Kong and the best place to do that is at Cafe de Coral which has branches all over the city. Each time I go to Cafe de Coral they have new items on the menu. Last October they were promoting organic oat steamed riceContinue reading “Cafe de Coral (October 2012)”