Shanghai Popo 上海婆婆

Majority of the Chinese restaurants in Hong Kong serve Cantonese food. When we want a change we go for Shanghainese food which has their own specialties and the most popular is the Xiao Long Bao. 

Our favorite Shanghai restaurant is Wu Kong and a new favorite which is more casual and affordable is Shanghai Popo in iSquare, a mall in Tsim Sha Tsui. We liked the food so much we ate there twice last December. 

I really liked that you can order soup by the bowl which isn’t a common thing in Chinese restaurants. 

Shanghai Popo- soup with beancurd skin
soup with beancurd skin


Unique to Shanghainese cuisine is Wuxi eel which are strips of eels deep fried until super crunchy. It has a sweet, salty taste.

Shanghai Popo - wuxi crispy eel
Wuxi crispy eel


Last December they had a special menu which featured all crab dishes. I don’t know why I didn’t take a picture of it. 

Shanghai Popo- crab xiao long bao
crab xiao long bao


As much as I like their regular pork xiao long bao, the one mixed with crab was even better. It had a bit of sweetness from the crab and just the right texture of pork and so much juice! 

Shanghai Popo- crab xiao long bao-001

 I confess I don’t eat enough veggies but I devoured these seasonal greens covered with the most delicious crabmeat sauce. You can see all the crab fat in the sauce too. If I can have this dish everyday I would gladly eat my veggies.   

Shanghai Popo- sautéed pea shoots (Tao Miao) with crabmeat sauce.
sautéed pea shoots (Tao Miao) with crabmeat sauce


You can’t have too much crab right? Shanghai Popo is an expert with fried rice. You can eat this by itself and call it a meal. It’s almost as good as their 336 Special Fried Rice which I tried before.

Shanghai Popo- crabmeat fried rice
crabmeat fried rice


To balance all the seafood and veggies I ordered a pork dish with knots of beancurd skin. Nothing great. 

Shanghai Popo- pork with beancurd skin
pork with beancurd skin


We went back another day for more. We started with an order of crab xiao long bao. My mom loves this glutinous rice cake or ‘nian guo’. This is actually tikoy without sugar and used in savory dishes. I never liked it until I tried this one covered with crabmeat sauce. I think I will eat anything covered with crabmeat sauce. 😀

Shanghai Popo- fried rice cake with crab sauce
fried rice cake with crab sauce


My favorite dish was shrimp covered in salted egg yolk. We have this dish in some restaurants in Manila but they often taste bland and ‘bitin.’ Shanghai Popo’s version was quite salty and very umami. I wanted to order a bowl of white rice. This is a must order!

Shanghai Popo- fried shrimp in salted egg
fried shrimp in salted egg
Shanghai Popo- fried fish slices with rose flavored salted turnip
fried fish slices with rose flavored salted turnip


Do try this restaurant when you are in the Tsim Sha Tsui area. The dishes are small and good for 2-4 people. Small means you can order more and that’s a good thing. 

Shanghai Popo 上海婆婆
Shop 605-606, 6/F, iSQUARE, 63 Nathon Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
telephone: 2806 1833

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