Tanabe Japanese Restaurant in Malate

At the very last minute Rochelle decided she wanted to watch Wicked and even though I already watched it in San Francisco several years ago I agreed to go with her. We got tickets to the second to the last show. Before the show we went to Tanabe for a super early dinner. It was a good thing they were already open when we went at 5:30 pm. 

Tanabe Japanese Resaurant-001

Tanabe Japanese Resaurant-002

The gentleman cleaning the squid was the owner Chef Tanabe himself. 

Tanabe Japanese Resaurant-003

Here he is in his chef’s coat. Rochelle and her hubby Warren told me the best seat in the house is at the sushi bar where you can talk to Chef Tanabe and he will tell you what items are the freshest. Since we were almost the first ones in the place we got to choose the best seats. 

Tanabe Japanese Resaurant-006
Chef Tanabe

Tanabe Japanese Resaurant-004

Tanabe Japanese Resaurant-005

The free appetizer was a cold soft tofu that was surprisingly flavorful. 

Tanabe Japanese Resaurant- cold tofu appetizer
cold tofu appetizer


Kaiso means seaweed and this salad made with rehydrated seaweed was really interesting and delicious. 

Tanabe Japanese Resaurant- Kaiso Salad P190
Kaiso Salad P190


I have only begun to eat and actually enjoy sashimi and this dinner was a baptism by fire since almost all the food Warren ordered was raw. Of all the types of raw seafood I’ve tried my favorites are hamachi (Japanese Amberjack) and shake (salmon). They both have the most flavor and I like the firm texture. 

Tanabe Japanese Resaurant- Hamachi sashimi P680
Hamachi sashimi P680

Tanabe Japanese Resaurant- Hamachi sashimi

Tanabe Japanese Resaurant- Shake (salmon) sashimi P350
Shake (salmon) sashimi P350
Tanabe Japanese Resaurant- Ika (squid) sashimi P380
Ika (squid) sashimi P380


The star of the night was the fatty tuna from the rear belly of the fish called Chu Toro. Just look at the fat marbling you would think it’s beef. To think this isn’t even the best and most expensive kind of toro. That distinction goes to Otoro which is from the middle of the belly. Toro means “to melt”.

Tanabe Japanese Resaurant- Chu Toro (fatty tuna) sashimi P1,800
Chu Toro (fatty tuna) sashimi P1,800


Another delicacy which I need to learn to appreciate was the akagai or arc shell also known as red clam in Japan. 

Tanabe Japanese Resaurant- Akagai (arc shell) sushi P150 each
Akagai (arc shell) sushi P150 each


I saw someone rave about Tanabe’s Uni Foilyaki in Instagram so I ordered it since I love uni or sea urchin to death. Fresh uni was grilled in foil with butter, lemon, shoyu and sake. It smelled good and it tasted buttery and firm but I still prefer raw uni which tasted sweeter and more delicate. 

Tanabe Japanese Resaurant- Uni Foilyaki P240
Uni Foilyaki P240


My friend Deb loves Oden made with egg, daikon, fish cakes in a light dashi broth and served with hot mustard so I suggested it to Warren. Unfortunately he didn’t think much of it. 

Tanabe Japanese Resaurant- Oden P380
Oden P380


Thinking I wouldn’t survive an entirely raw meal I ordered sticks of grilled pork. It was bland and tough. I’m sticking to sashimi. 

Tanabe Japanese Resaurant- Buta Bara Shio P160
Buta Bara Shio P160

Tanabe Japanese Resaurant-018


I’m so happy I watched Wicked again. I enjoyed it all over again. 

Wicked in Manila

Wicked in Manila-001

Wicked in Manila-002

Since we sat near the stage I shot some pictures of the orchestra under the stage. 

Wicked in Manila-003

Look at the big drums! 

Wicked in Manila-004

Tanabe Japanese Restaurant
553 Remedios Street, Malate, Metro Manila 1004, 1004, Philippines
telephone: (+632) 528-4689, (+632) 524-7813, 0917-630-6257
Monday to Sunday: 11:00 am – 2:30 pm, 5:00 pm – 10:30 pm

2nd floor of Jupiter’s Place in Jupiter Street, Bel-Air Village, Makati City
telephone: (+632) 692-9379

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