I’ve Been Hacked!


In case you’re wondering why my posts on this blog are so old it’s because my blog was recently hacked. I don’t know who did it or why? When I found out my heart fell but I refused to panic.

The problem was I wasn’t doing site backups except for the lone backup Jenn (my invaluable tech) made last July 2014. I kept saying I would learn to backup my site and never did. At least I was able to keep the past 6 years. I really feel bad about losing a year of posts which included all my trips to Japan. As a consolation I was able to save the texts from July 2015 to 2016 so I will be slowly recreating those. Suddenly being slow in posting has its advantages since I didn’t lose what I haven’t posted like my trips to New Zealand, San Francisco and Portland.

So please be patient while I rebuild my site. I really want to restore all my posts on my travels to Osaka and Tokyo. Let this be a lesson to everyone. Do regular backups!!! Thank you Jenn for helping me once again. 

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