Cathay Pacific Economy Meal – LAX to MNL

The food on the flight back to Manila brought back me back to reality and portion control.lunch menu After the disastrous and depressing¬†Low Fat/Low Cholesterol Meal (LFML) I ordered on my flight from Manila to San Francisco I stuck with the regular meal option on the return flight. The food wasn’t bad at all. IContinue reading “Cathay Pacific Economy Meal – LAX to MNL”

Cathay Pacific Flight – Manila to San Francisco

As you’ve read from my previous post I’m currently in the USA for a vacation. I didn’t really plan to go to the US again after only a year but since I got a free ticket from HSBC I thought it would be fun to experience the Thanksgiving holiday for the first time with myContinue reading “Cathay Pacific Flight – Manila to San Francisco”