Back to Heat at Edsa Shangri-la pt. 1

I haven’t been to Heat in ages. I was surprised with the many, many, many new food additions and the kids entertainment. No wonder the place was full! So much for a recession. Because of the big amount of pictures I’m not showing the salads and healthy stuff. But they had a good selection ofContinue reading “Back to Heat at Edsa Shangri-la pt. 1”

Lunch at Spoon

2.01.09 Last day in HKlocation: Intercontinental Hotel, Hong Kong Last day. Spoon offered the best choices and value for your dollars. the nice French manager delicious soup! Dessert is in the kitchen Lobster Caesar Salad my appetizer plate Wine came with the meal my high blood plate(Foie Gras Terrine on the upper left side &Continue reading “Lunch at Spoon”

Start of Food Trip in Hong Kong – Lunch at Caprice

1.27.09 location: Four Seasons Hotel, Hong Kong Private dining room view from our table Mediterranean Fish Stew (garnish on top are grated cheese, croutons and mashed potatoes) Slow Roasted Lamb Ray Fish Meuniere Alaskan Cod King Prawns with Mussels Roasted Duck Breast with Cranberry Cocoa Sauce (my order) Dessert Selection(I asked the waiter jokingly, “howContinue reading “Start of Food Trip in Hong Kong – Lunch at Caprice”