VASK Modern Tapas & Gastronomic Cuisine

Last year I went to Spain and had the best meals in San Sebastian. From our extravagant lunch at Michelin Starred Akelaŕe to pintxos bar hopping I loved it all. When I found out that Chef J. Luis Gonzalez of Vask had his culinary roots in San Sebastian I couldn’t wait to try his creations.Continue reading “VASK Modern Tapas & Gastronomic Cuisine”

Recipe: Croquetas de Pollo y Chorizo (Chicken & Chorizo Croquettes)

Croquetas (croquettes) are one of the most popular tapas in Spanish restaurants. The kinds of fillings you can use are endless. From chicken to salmon and even Spam. It’s also a great dish to make in advance. You can make a whole batch and keep them in the freezer and just fry as you needContinue reading “Recipe: Croquetas de Pollo y Chorizo (Chicken & Chorizo Croquettes)”

Spanish Themed Birthday Dinner

I cook only once or twice a year. This year the first time was last month when I treated my friends for my birthday celebration. For dinner I decided on a Spanish theme to reminisce on all the wonderful tapas and Spanish food I ate on my recent trip to Spain. One of our favoriteContinue reading “Spanish Themed Birthday Dinner”

Barcelona: Tapas 24 & Magic Fountain of Montjuïc

My dreams of dining at El Buli will never be realized now that the famous restaurant of Ferran Adrià  has closed it’s doors. I tried desperately to get reservations at Tickets, the tapas bar in Barcelona Adrià opened with his brother. Reservations for a group of 16 was impossible so I tried it for 4 and evenContinue reading “Barcelona: Tapas 24 & Magic Fountain of Montjuïc”

Barcelona: Best Paella at Sta Maria Del Mar Bar – Restaurant

If you’ve been following my European Vacation posts on this blog you must think we are the most boring diners since almost all of our meals in Spain include paella. That’s because we love paella and we’ve been obsessed looking for the BEST paella. This was our last paella in Spain and thank goodness itContinue reading “Barcelona: Best Paella at Sta Maria Del Mar Bar – Restaurant”

Barcelona: Dinner at La Fonda Del Port Olimpic

Before parting with with our tour guide Marta we asked her for her restaurant recommendation at the Olympic Marina. She suggested La Fonda Del Port Olimpic so that’s where we went. It was a short walk from my cousins’ hotel. The Olympic Village is a young neighbourhood which offers visitors a whole host of possibilitiesContinue reading “Barcelona: Dinner at La Fonda Del Port Olimpic”

Around Barcelona, Xurreria, La Manual Alpargatera

Our day tour of Barcelona booked with Barcelona Day Tours and led by the fountain of knowledge named Marta took us to Montserrat, Park Güell and ended with a drive around famous places around Barcelona. We opt not to go to Sagrada Familia since we were going there on our own the next day. We passedContinue reading “Around Barcelona, Xurreria, La Manual Alpargatera”

San Sebastian: Gran Bar La Espiga and Rojo Y Negro

Goodbye San Sebastian! These were our last meals in the city that topped the poll as the greatest gastronomic destination in the world. San Sebastian beat out Tokyo, Sydney and Paris for the top spot for foodies and I agree 100%! From Michelin 3 Star restaurants to pintxos bars the food never failed to amazeContinue reading “San Sebastian: Gran Bar La Espiga and Rojo Y Negro”

San Sebastian: 3 Star Lunch at Akelaŕe

As of 2012 there are five Michelin 3 star restaurants in Spain and three of them are in San Sebastian, Akelaŕe, Arzak and Martin Berasategui. Due to several reasons we chose to dine at Akelaŕe. We actually made a reservation there even before making hotel reservations and buying plane tickets like in my case. We wish we could haveContinue reading “San Sebastian: 3 Star Lunch at Akelaŕe”

Dinner at Beso Cucina Vinoteka

Last June I went to Europe specifically to Spain, Italy and France. The trip which I’ve started to chronicle here  made me realize which cuisine I liked best based on the food I ate in those countries. In order of best to least it’s Spanish, French and last is Italian. Since I’ve been back I’veContinue reading “Dinner at Beso Cucina Vinoteka”