We walk, we eat – Bocadillos

We walk, we eat. That was the rule of the day. A rule Ariel and his partner Kit came up with. It didn’t start out as rule but rather a way to enjoy different restaurants, food and scenic sights of San Francisco while burning calories as we go along. They knew I was in townContinue reading “We walk, we eat – Bocadillos”

Lunch at El Cirkulo

El Cirkulo is one my favorite Spanish restaurants. Aside from serving consistently good food, they also have special dishes not found in other Spanish restaurants.¬† Eating good paella and lengua was on my cousin’s check list on her short trip to Manila. That’s why after picking up my two cousins and a friend from theContinue reading “Lunch at El Cirkulo”

Dinner at Tapella Restaurant

Last weekend has been good for my blog but very bad for my diet. Last night the same group who ate at Yedang decided to eat out again. I suggested Tapella in Greenbelt 5 since I love paella and wanted to try their manchego paella. I didn’t know Tapella was owned by Gaudi.   TheContinue reading “Dinner at Tapella Restaurant”