Bilbao: Lunch at Bistró Guggenheim

When we planned for our trip around Spain we decided to rent a car from Madrid’s airport then drive to San Sebastian then to Barcelona. We could have ridden the train but cost wise renting a car was cheaper and more importantly we were able to take a detour to Bilbao just to see theContinue reading “Bilbao: Lunch at Bistró Guggenheim”

Madrid: Chocolateria San Gines

Paella ✓ cochinillo ✓ sangria ✓ tapas ✓ the only thing left on our food craving list was churros con chocolate.  It was our last night in Madrid and we desperately wanted churros so we went to the where the guide books recommended, the oldest chocolateria in Madrid, Chocolateria San Gines. Living in the PhilippinesContinue reading “Madrid: Chocolateria San Gines”

Madrid: Tapas at La Muralla Bar-Restaurante

We asked the staff our hotel’s front desk where locals go to eat tapas and he told us to go to the La Latina area which was lined with tapas restaurants. We took the taxi and passed by this grand structure. Anybody know what this is? Our taxi driver dropped us off here and saidContinue reading “Madrid: Tapas at La Muralla Bar-Restaurante”

Madrid: Mercado San Miguel

Without a doubt our favorite place in Madrid was Mercado San Miguel, one of the oldest covered markets in Madrid. This renovated market was surprisingly modern, clean and filled with all sorts of wonderful foodstuff and tapas. After our dinner at Restaurante Botin we walked along this street and was surprised to find the marketContinue reading “Madrid: Mercado San Miguel”

Madrid: Restaurante Botin – the oldest restaurant in the world!

My cousin Sharon booked us a table at the oldest restaurant in the world and it was in Madrid. Initially I was hesitant to go to Restaurante Botin because of the mixed reviews I read online. The ratings were really from very negative to superlatives. But I thought since it managed to stay open sinceContinue reading “Madrid: Restaurante Botin – the oldest restaurant in the world!”

Madrid: La Ochava & Valpan

After checking in at AC Hotel Carlton Madrid, our home for the two nights, we walked towards Prado Museum where we booked for a 1:00 pm entrance. We bought our tickets online and printed them in Manila. We did this for all the museums we went to this trip. There were serveral restaurants along the wayContinue reading “Madrid: La Ochava & Valpan”

AC Hotel Carlton Madrid

We decided to book Marriott hotels in Madrid and Barcelona since my cousin Sharon is an elite member and she was able to get us good rates. In Spain Marriott’s hotels are called AC Hotel. Sharon chose the Carlton Madrid property for it’s proximity to the top 3 museums in Madrid which were only aContinue reading “AC Hotel Carlton Madrid”

Dinner at El Cirkulo

In Manila new restaurants open and close as fast as you can blink. Some restaurants are so popular that they reach their peak too soon and lose business in a year or so. In my opinion restaurants which serve consistently good food stay open much longer. Such is the case with El Cirkulo.Whenever the questionContinue reading “Dinner at El Cirkulo”

Dinner at Cova tapas y sangria

I still have a long backlog of posts from a trip to Boracay to my recent trip to Europe but I’m writing about my recent dinner at Cova first. Rochelle and I as well as several US based cousins just came back from Spain where we had a wonderful time eating all kinds of tapasContinue reading “Dinner at Cova tapas y sangria”

Dinner at Arano’s

For our second dinner in Cebu we went to Arano’s for some Spanish food. Arano’s was located in Fairlane Village in Guadalupe. From the outside it looked just like an unassuming house. The small restaurant was very simply decorated with pictures of friends and Señor Arano when he was a young and handsome jai alaiContinue reading “Dinner at Arano’s”