Dessert at UCC Park Cafe

Our lunch at Lili Cantonese restaurant didn’t include coffee or dessert and we must have that to complete our meal. From Malate we headed to The Fort to UCC Park Cafe to satisfy our need for caffeine and sugar. They had all sorts of Japanese coffee for sale at the entrance. I love the cakesContinue reading “Dessert at UCC Park Cafe”

Sugarhouse cakes

I believe the best cakes are found in Manila. The choices from numerous cake shops and home bakers are endless and the majority are very good and affordable. I’m not impressed with the cakes sold in Hong Kong and the USA. I’m sure there are very good cakes there but they cost double or tripleContinue reading “Sugarhouse cakes”

Birthday Dinner at Je Suis Gourmand

I was recently invited to celebrate the birthday of a good friend at Je Suis Gourmand in the Fort. We started with our favorite salad which wasn’t on the menu. They have the best seared foie gras in Manila. Make sure to ask for the sauce on the side. They have a tendency of drowningContinue reading “Birthday Dinner at Je Suis Gourmand”

California table grapes at Aubergine restaurant

Everyone likes grapes. It’s always present in the Filipino home specially during the holidays. But have you ever thought of using grapes in cooking?To promote the versatility of grapes in sweet and savory dishes, the California Table Grapes Culinary Adventure was created. Chefs from Aubergine, Tagaytay Highlands Steakhouse, Sugarhouse, Le Souffle and Chef Laudico’s BistroContinue reading “California table grapes at Aubergine restaurant”

Lunch Buffet at Paul Calvin’s Deli

Rochelle and I had a chance to try the lunch buffet at Paul Calvin’s deli located at the Fort. It’s located at the ground floor of Forbeswoods Heights. The deli products were sparse the day we were there. The ground floor was small with only a few tables. The bigger second floor was where theContinue reading “Lunch Buffet at Paul Calvin’s Deli”

Mother’s Day at Aubergine

We liked our last meal at Aubergine so much that we went back last Sunday for Mother’s Day lunch. I’m glad they had a different set lunch menu. This one was cheaper and had more choices so everyone ordered this lunch menu except for the kids. boursin cheese and butter spreads duck breast mousse saladContinue reading “Mother’s Day at Aubergine”

Lunch at Aubergine

When I heard we were eating lunch at Aubergine at the Fort I did some online research on the restaurants’ reviews. There were as many rave reviews as there were negative rants. So I was a bit wary on what to expect. The place was bigger than I expected. private function room the huge impressiveContinue reading “Lunch at Aubergine”