Mother’s Day at Aubergine

We liked our last meal at Aubergine so much that we went back last Sunday for Mother’s Day lunch. I’m glad they had a different set lunch menu. This one was cheaper and had more choices so everyone ordered this lunch menu except for the kids.

boursin cheese and butter spreads

duck breast mousse

salad greens w/ a raspberry dressing,
duck foie gras terrine in Madeira jelly,
crispy fried prawn-scallop praline,
smoked salmon roulade w/ boursin cheese

tarragon flavored chicken essence with
spring chicken confit ravioli

champagne sherbet

Foam, foam, foam everywhere. Just imagine the next 3 dishes without the foam. Why don’t they realize the food will actually look more appetizing without the dog spit – I mean foam.

I have bad experience with strip loin. I know it’s not a very good cut of meat. But half of our table ordered it anyway. Boy, was I wrong. This steak was so juicy and tender. It looks bloody but it was perfectly cooked. My mom didn’t finish her steak so I brought it home. The next day I cooked it for lunch. I cubed the steak and potatoes and sauteed it in olive oil with plenty of garlic and a good dash of Knorr seasoning. It was even better! Aubergine really excels in steaks. Next time we go back I know what to order.

Entree is a choice of steak, duck or fish

oven roasted US Angus beef strip loin w/
truffled rosemary potato gratin & glazed veggies

No one in our table ordered the duck. Luckily bff Rochelle and sis Chris were also there with their parents. And Chris ordered the duck. So I hopped on to their table for a quick shoot and a bite of duck. It was a bit salty but good too.

honey glazed french duck breast &
duck leg confit

I had the fish and lobster tail combo. It’s not really lobster but crayfish i think. The carrot and sweet potato mash was very interesting and quite tasty but it didn’t suit the dish. When I ate the fish and the mash it made the fish taste sweet. A saltier and firmer contrast would have suited the dish better. I don’t even remember what the sauce and foam tasted like.

grilled Chilean sea bass and lobster tail
set on carrot-sweet potato mousseline

In this dessert place only the ice cream is good. The choco mousse cake in the middle is not good at all. The cookie decoration on top of the ice cream tasted like laundry soap. Really. I told Rochelle to ask if they can change their dessert. The restaurant said yes and they ordered from the a la carte menu. She later told me that the tiramisu, chocolate dome and chocolate lava cake they ordered were all good. They felt bad that they couldn’t take pictures of it for me. I say thank goodness. I would have felt worse if I saw their dessert.

They forgot to give us petit fours but noone even remembered to complain because we were all so full.

chocolate truffle cake and strawberry ice cream

The chef was nice enough to make spaghetti bolognese for the kids even though it wasn’t on the menu. I guess it was good since the plates were empty.

yummy fries

32nd and 5th Building
5th Avenue cor. 32nd Street
Fort Bonifacio 1634 Taguig
telephone: 856-9888

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