Chicago Popcorn Shops

I first learnt of the existence of Chicago Popcorn Shops from Lori’s blog Dessert Comes First. Since it was located in Mall of Asia I asked my friend Deb if she has tried it. Next thing I know she sends me a tin of their Chicago Mix popcorn which contains an equal quantity of cheese and caramel popcorn. Thanks Deb!!

The popcorn is not like Holy Kettle Korn or Chef Tony’s which use spherical popcorn. Their popcorn is the regular kind like the one found in microwave popcorn. The combination of caramel and cheese is like a gourmet interpretation of the kettle corn which is both sweet and salty. The cheese popcorn is good but nothing special. It’s not so cheesy that your fingers turn orange. The caramel popcorn on the other hand is great. It’s very thinly coated with caramel and very crunchy. It has a very nice burnt sugar flavor. Eaten alone it’s too sweet but when combined with the cheese popcorn it’s perfect. No wonder some smart fella thought of it in Chicago.

Would I buy it again? Maybe, but not as often as I did Holy Kettle Korn when it first opened in Greenhills. I used to buy a bag everyday for 2-3 weeks until I got sick of it. Kettle Korn is another brand I reviewed here.

Chicago Popcorn Shops
2/F Entertainment Mall
Mall of Asia, Pasay City
cellphone 0908-4486127

3 thoughts on “Chicago Popcorn Shops

  1. Having lived in Chicago for 15 yrs, it is common knowledge for a Chicagoan to know that the cheese/caramel popcorn institution is Garrett’s Popcorn.s The original store is on Madison St, but I bet they have it all over now, including at Ohare Airport.s They call the caramel one “CaramelCrisp”, and you can actually even mix it with your choice of nuts (pecan, walnuts,…).s


  2. it’s good but too sweet once you eat a lot.. i prefer Holy Kettle Corn, Kettle Korn or Chef Tony’s! 😀


  3. CPS’ chicago mix has smaller popcorn compare to chef tony’s. For me, CPS has a “local” feel and the caramel is a bit too sweet. Though they use “melted cheese”, I find it a bit tricky coz it tastes like cheese powder melted in butter, not a real melted cheese. I still like Chef Tony’s plus it’s cheaper and far better than CPS in terms of taste and quality of popcorn used.


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