Arny ♥ Dading’s Peachy Peachy

Everyone I know loves this dessert made of cassava. It’s a mainstay in potlucks and is a popular Filipino snack. A lot of stores and restaurants sell this but the best in my opinion is the one from Arny ♥ Dading’s Peachy Peachy. Finding their locations is not as easy though.

The problem is when you try to google it. First is the unique name of Arny ♥ Dading. That alone leads to several misspellings. Next is the words peachy peachy. In the Philippines it’s more commonly known as pitsi pitsi or even pitchi pitchi. Pitsi pitsi is cassava balls in English.

What makes their peachy peachy so good is that it’s firm, not so sweet and covered with cheese. The traditional pisti pisti is usually covered with grated coconut. I like cheese better. It gives a nice contrast in flavor and texture to the peachy peachy. Here’s how I eat this. Open the refrigerator, open the styro container, pinch a piece and pop it into my mouth. The cold slippery texture of sweet cassava and the bits of salty cheese blend into my mouth as I chew standing in front of the refrigerator. Next, close the door and walk away.

As much as I love their peachy peachy I’ve never been to any of their stores. I rely on the mercy of Jay to buy some for me when he can.

Arny Dadeng's peachy peachy-1
both the coconut and cheese versions
Arny Dadeng's peachy peachy.jpg 18-54-21-664

So for everyone looking for their branches I hope you land on my site and find this.

arny dading

Arny ♥Dading’s Peachy Peachy
254 C. Arellano St. Malabon City telephone: 281-0637
4A Gov. Pascual Ave. Concepcion, Malabon telephone: 281-9758
48A Congressional Ave. Proj.8, Q.C. telephone: 454-0883
207 Katipunan Ave., Proj.4, Q.C. telephone: 433-6443
27B Kamias Road, Q.C. telephone: 496-7553
NGR Bldg. South Super highway Cor Casino St. (near Cash&Carry) Makati City telephone: 550-8079 cellphone: 0917-8323464

for more branches click here

6 thoughts on “Arny ♥ Dading’s Peachy Peachy

  1. My family loves Arny ♥ Dading’s peachy-peachy.  We usually go to their Katipunan Branch. One time on our way to Han Pao Restaurant in Mandaluyong, I saw a familiar sign selling peachy-peachy so we got some.  The moment I got home, my daughter commented on the label.  She said it did not have the ” ♥ – heart” in its logo so she asked me if it was the same as the one in Katipunan.  I said yes but my daughter insisted that it was not and was probably a “clone” since the Shaw branch is not listed in the leaflet/pricelist that the Katipunan gives away.  The first bite on the peachy-peachy confirmed my daughter’s apprehension – the consistency was different and the cheese was not as creamy as the ones we buy in Katipunan.  I’ve learned my lesson and will always look for the one with the ” ♥ – heart” !


  2. my aunt actually owns this store!:) so happy you named it as your favorite filipino dessert. if you need a steady supply i’d be glad to get some to you anytime 🙂 love your blog by the way!


  3. Yup it’s one of the desserts I just can’t resist and Arn- Dadindgs does is best. Thanks for the offer but it’s currently a no no for my diet :D. I’ll definitely buy 15 pcs all for myself when I finally finish my diet. If I ever finish it.


  4. I used to buy peachy peachy at Ambers but when my friend introduce Arny Dadings, i just found myself buying peachy peachy in bacoor cavite, but now their branch is already closed and we still have to go to makati branch to buy this.. hope you could find a good place in bacoor and re-open your branch. i love the peachy peachy with lots of cheese on top.


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