Kettle Korn Popcorn

A couple of years ago Holy Kettle Korn first came out with sweet and salty popcorn using a new variety of popcorn unseen in the Philippine market. As expected several clones followed suit. These popcorn shops could be found all over the city. Kettle Korn made their own popcorn but I never bothered to try it. The packaging didn’t appeal to me and I figured it would taste the same. But look what I found in the supermarket. Kettle Korn has a spanking new packaging and 3 new flavors to boot. This brings their products to the mainstream with more varieties at a more affordable price.

Of the 4 flavors I like the original sweet and salty twister and caramel the best. They actually taste better than Chicago Popcorn Shops’ caramel popcorn. The caramel isn’t very sweet yet it has a deep burnt sugar flavor.

caramel, sweet n’ salty twister, butterlicious and chocolate

The chocolate popcorn didn’t really taste like chocolate. But it’s not bad at all.

chocolate popcorn

According to the back of the bag, they use mushroom hybrid popcorn from Nebraska. By having a round shaped surface there’s more area for the thin glaze to stick to.

caramel popcorn

6 thoughts on “Kettle Korn Popcorn

  1. I was researching about the popcorn out of boredom and stumbled to your blog.  So, I tried all of Kettle Korn’s popcorn (in the grocery as well as in their outlets).  I must agree…  caramel is one of my favorites too and it better than Chicago’s.  But i absolutely love their sweet corn flavor sold in outlets.. i heard cheese is also their best seller. Perhaps you might want to try and bog about it 🙂  


  2. Chicago Popcorn SHop’s caramel is too sweet. Right now, I discovered that Holy Kettle Corn and Kettle Korn BBQ popcorn are so yummy too.


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