Calamansi Dacquoise

I went to have my hair cut at Symmetria Salon at their new location in MJ Paterno St. in San Juan. When I was done I decided to check out the cake shop beside it called Patisserie Caroline. They had a lot of muffins, loaves, cookies and cakes. The waitress encouraged me to try their bestseller, the Calamansi Dacquoise. I was expecting crunchy meringue layered with a tart calamansi curd. What I got was a soggy, nutty cake with a sweet curd with almost no calamansi flavor. If you didn’t tell me what I was eating it was ok. But since I was expecting a calamansi dacquoise it was quite a let down.

Patisserie Caroline
17 Unit E. MJ Paterno, San Juan
telephone: 722-6839

Symmetria Salon
17 MJ Paterno, San Juan
telephone: 726-6246

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