Sango! The Burger Master

I’ve been hearing about Sango burger from my friend but I only got to try it last week. I went to their Ortigas Center branch. I’ve had Japanese burger before. I’ve tried MOS burger in Hong Kong. It wasn’t really my taste. I prefer the American style burger. I wanted to try Sango and see if it tastes better than MOS burger. I bought 3 sandwiches and shared this with the 2 girls in our office.

(click to see the menu)

To test how good the burger in a restaurant is I always order the plain burger without cheese or any toppings that can mask the taste of the meat. This burger had a very smokey taste from the grill. It was a thin patty slathered with tomato catsup that I didn’t like. The staff said it was Del Monte catsup. I prefer Heinz catsup. I didn’t like this burger too much. Sango’s most popular burger is the Master burger which was slathered with cheese, mayonnaise, meat sauce and tomato. I’m sure all those toppings would improve the taste of the basic burger.
 Sango burger

I also tried their lenten special, the shrimp burger. As you can see in the picture it is drowning in Japanese mayonnaise. After scraping most of the mayo I got to try the shrimp patty. It was breaded and deep fried. I could see shrimp pieces and it didn’t taste oily. It wasn’t bad at all.

shrimp burger

The best is the Yakiniku Rice Burger. As soon as you open the plastic wrapper you inhale the wonderful aroma of marinated beef. The first bite of beef is an assault to your mouth. The beef is so juicy, well seasoned and pefectly cooked. Of course the mayonnaise is ever present. The rice patty is sticky and toasted and a bit crunchy. It’s quite messy to eat this sandwich with your hands. I ended up eating it with a fork. My only gripe is there’s not enough beef. I ate half the rice of one side with the beef. I wish they offered double beef for this sandwich. But for P109 I think it’s a pretty good deal.

Yakiniku Rice Burger

Sango! The Burger Master
8101 Pearl Plaza Bldg.,
Pearl Drive St., Ortigas Center
telephone: 636-1991
(they deliver!)

5 thoughts on “Sango! The Burger Master

  1. Burgerlover,  I can assure you the pictures are really from Sango. We all have different tastes. I don’t lie, everything I wrote in my blog is how I feel about the food I ate. To each his own!


  2. is this better than wham?I’ve tried brother’s, hotshots and hungry hippo nah..still WHAM is the number 1 for me.I’ll try this one soon..


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