Oishi Gourmet Picks Potato Chips

After the bestseller Marty’s Cracklin, Oishi comes out with another sure hit. Oishi Gourmet Picks potato chips in 3 flavors – Wasabi & Nori, Natural Sea Salt and Kimchi. No wonder Oishi is no. 1 in China, they are very innovative with new products and flavors that will suit all palates. The packaging is also world class. Based on an article in the Inquirer“Not many Filipinos know that Oishi is the leading snack brand in the world’s largest consumer market, China, where Oishi is outselling Lay’s, the world’s leading snack brand.

I first tried the Wasabi & Nori flavor. It’s my favorite among the 3 flavors. The nori or seaweed flavor is very distinct while the wasabi flavor is very subtle. According to my source who works for Oishi, they only use premium Japanese nori and not nori from China. No wonder the flavor pops out. I’ve tried Kalbee seaweed potato chips from Japan and i can say this offering from Oishi beats it by a block.

wasabi & nori potato chips

The natural sea salt flavor tastes just like Lay’s potato chips only better. Hmm am I biased because Oishi is a Filipino company? You bet I am! It also costs half of what Lay’s costs so I’d rather buy Oishi. These chips aren’t very salty but there’s enough salt to bring out the flavor of the potatoes. The sea salt used is real sea salt. The owners of Oishi told the R & D department to use only the best ingredients to flavor this new line of potato chips.

natural sea salt potato chips

I’ve never tried kimchi so I can’t tell if this flavor is true to the original. But I can tell you these chips are good! There’s a slight sweet, tangy, spicy flavor but not too hot. So whatever flavor you choose you will be surprised and delighted on how good these potato chips are. So run to the nearest supermarket (in Manila) and grab a bag or 3.

kimchi potato chips

8 thoughts on “Oishi Gourmet Picks Potato Chips

  1. Hi there!Would it be ok to link your post to the Oishi Gourmet Picks Fan Page in FB? Thanks for this.


  2. Thank you for trying Oishi Gourmet Picks. We have included your review to the Oishi Gourmet Picks Facebook Page. We are also happy to inform you that we just launched the Gourmet Pics with Gourmet Picks photo contest. Do visit the website for more details. Thankies!


  3. hi. there is a cool gourmet picks photo contest. you might want to check it out. Try checking the promo mechanics for cool and extravagant prizes


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