In Manila almost anything can be delivered. Burgers, pizza, fried chicken, Chinese food, Filipino food, bottled water and laundry is delivered. Now even cakes are delivered. I’ve seen signs of Cake2Go delivery for a long time but I wouldn’t dare order a whole cake without trying it. So finally I went to the branch nearest to my place.

Their location is not exactly a prime spot for a cake store. It’s not in the mall nor is it anywhere near a shopping center. I had my doubts about their cakes so I bought a slice of dulce de leche cheesecake because they said it was the bestseller and a mini turtle pie to try.

I was pleasantly surprised – their cakes are good! The cheesecake is not very dense and not the gelatin type that I hate. I don’t taste the dulce de leche but I don’t mind since the cheesecake is not too sweet. It’s not the best cheesecake I’ve tried but it’s better than a lot I’ve tasted in Manila. A slice sells for P85 and a whole costs P595. That’s a very affordable price too.

dulce de leche cheesecake

The turtle pie is heavenly. The mousse is rich and chocolatey and not too sweet. The chocolate cookie base is thick and crunchy. I like this turtle pie even better than the famous Yulo turtle pie that costs double. This mini turtle pie costs P90.

mini turtle pie

(click on the pic for more cakes)

delivery motorcycle

I’m glad I discovered this. Now I have a new cake supplier for potlucks or gifts that tastes good and doesn’t cost and arm and a leg. My next target is the chocolate strawberry indulgence.

8 Jade Garden Compound
Santolan Road,
Greenhills, San Juan

telephone: 414-2585

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