Lunch at Chuk Yuen Seafood Restaurant

Chuk Yuen is, imho, the best place to eat dim sum in Hong Kong, well in Tsim Sha Tsui anyway. First they have an English menu for you to place a tick mark on what you want to order. Trust me this is not common practice. A lot of restaurants have only Chinese menus. Dim sum isn’t pushed around for you to point at anymore. The classier restaurants now just give you a piece of paper with all their selections and you just check what items you want.

From Peking Rd. when you see Fortress and the giant Adidas store go in that street which is Hankow Road.


When you see this sign go in and go down the escalator.


The place is always packed for lunch and dinner so come early or make a reservation.

When you sit down they offer you a choice of FREE orange juice or sugar cane juice. After lunch they also give you free fruit. I forgot to take a pic of that.


We didn’t order the usual hakaw, siomai, etc. instead we tried out these unique dishes they had. They were all sooooo good. Try these when you go to Chuk Yuen. Everything was wiped out.

pan fried turnip cake w/ x.o. sauce HK$16


bean curd sheet roll in fish soup HK$16


steamed stuffed mushroom w/ mashed shrimp HK$19


baked shredded turnip pastry HK$16


fried stuffed glutinous rice HK$22

steamed shark’s fin dumpling in soup HK$22

total bill


Chuk Yuen Seafood Restaurant
Basement, Hong Kong Pacific centre
28 Hankow Road
Tsim Sha Tsui
telephone 2722 0633

5 thoughts on “Lunch at Chuk Yuen Seafood Restaurant

  1. These pictures also brought tears in my eyes, especially the sharks fin dumpling soup.  Another shark brought to death for just HK$22.  Hope you guys are aware of the ethical issues of shark finning. Its because of the sharks fin soup and wanton that the population of sharks have decreased over 70% for the last 10 years.


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