Dinner at Pokka Cafe

Pokka Cafe is like UCC cafe only they have much, much more choices and better food, drinks and dessert. It’s a great place to eat Japanese, Korean and even Italian food. It serves all kinds of food prepared the Japanese way. The servings are big enough. We’re there often enough that I have a Pokka Cafe card to rack up points that will give us free food. The smoked duck breast roll we ordered was free!

I wish somebody would bring Pokka Cafe to the Philippines. I’m sure it’s going to be a big hit. The food, coffee, cold drinks and everything else is superior to the UCC cafe here.

display of plastic food

Everything we ordered was very good. Actually everything in this restaurant is good.


smoked duck breast spring rolls HK$45

This tasted like sukiyaki without the noodles and eggs instead. It’s also less sweet. It’s uber tender beef poached in a broth and eggs stirred into it. It’s light and yummy.

Japanese premium beef, tofu w/ scrambled egg

Yes, rice and foie gras. Strange but delicious. All their fried rice variants are good. But this is my favorite.

Ginza foie gras & cha siu fried rice
Poke Cafe (branch closed)
Basement & G/F (Portion),
63 Peking Road, Tsimshatsui, Kowloon
telephone: 23113968

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