Dinner at Jimmy’s Kitchen

Jimmy's Kitchen corned beef
Jimmy’s Kitchen has been operating in Hong Kong for 80 years. And I haven’t eaten there in 20 years. We needed a change from all the Chinese food we’ve been eating so we decided to try it. Overall the food was perfectly cooked. No wonder they’re still in business after all these years.

Jimmy's Kitchen

Jimmy's Kitchen-1
Jimmy's Kitchen-2
The caesar salad was very disappointing. It was very bland and the dressing was sparse.

Jimmy's Kitchen-3
caesar salad HK$88

The corned beef was very tender and not too salty. The portion was quite generous too.
Jimmy's Kitchen corned beef
corned beef HK$166
The veal was fabulous! I’ve never eaten veal so good specially with a generous squeeze of lemon. The cheese and tomato sauce complemented it perfectly.
Jimmy's Kitchen veal cordon bleu
veal cordon bleu HK$198
Jimmy's Kitchen veal cordon bleu-1
Jimmy’s Kitchen
G/F Kowloon Center
29 Ashley Road
Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon
telephone: 2376-0327


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