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Cakes & Bakes has been in Cherry Foodarama forever! They have several kinds of bread and cake rolls. They even sell garlic peanuts.

cakes & bakes

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I haven’t been to Cherry in a long time. It was the first time I noticed the several varieties of cakes that looked good and didn’t cost much. So I decided to take home 2 slices. The first choice was easy since it they had the most stock of Mango Royale it was safe to deduce it was the most popular cake. The second choice took longer.

cakes & bakes-4-738911
(click to see all varieties)

cakes & bakes-5-739405
mango royale
slice P56/ 8″ round P350

I’ve never seen mango and chocolate in a cake together. Let me tell you it works! The mangoes were very sweet and the cake very soft. I felt there was too much whipped cream. The cake slice can barely stand with the weight of the mangoes and the cream. This cake was too sinful. If you love mangoes and cream this is the cake for you.

cakes & bakes-7-737635

I really wanted to try this caramel sans rival but I asked the sales lady if the meringue layers were crunchy. She said no so I didn’t get it. It looks so good though.

cakes & bakes-6-738319
caramel sans rival

She told me this was also very good. So I chose this cake.

cakes & bakes-8-774968
banana toffee creme P48/slice

I didn’t like it as much. The cake was a bit firm. The good thing was it wasn’t very sweet. If you like banana cakes then you’ll like this.

cakes & bakes-9-773859
banana toffee creme cake

You should have seen the other side of the cake. It was sloping to one side and literally melting under my lighting. This was the best shot.

cakes & bakes-10-774382
mango royale cake

If you happen to be in Shaw Blvd. drop by Cherry and try the Mango Royale cake. Next time I’ll try the Sans Rival.
Cakes & Bakes
Cherry Foodarama

514 Shaw Boulevard

Cor. Samat Street


telephone: 533-0772 or 533-0623


11 thoughts on “Cakes & Bakes

  1. OMG – even I remember Cakes and Bakes.  Didn’t they also have chicken buns and asado buns?… I was also shocked that Cherry Foodarama on Shaw Blvd is still there!


  2. dropping by cakes&bakes is the last and (best) part of my regular grocery runs. they have the best brazo de mercedes i’ve ever tasted. just make sure you eat it cold. my family can finish it in 1 sitting! 😉


  3. it’s inside Cherry foodarama supermarket. the other side of shaw. Edsa shang is on one side of shaw. You have to cross edsa to get to Cherry side of shaw. It’s near Wack Wack golf club.


  4. The Mango Royale looks really good! Can’t wait to try it. Do they have a phone number where I can order in advance?


  5. hi, i came accross cake&bakes i eastwood mall in libis last night. i noticed their choco banana cake and even have a free taste. I thought of buying because of the soft and moist banana cake they have and wow! d ako ngkamali. ang sarap!!!! grabe nakakaadik xa,,


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