Hungrypac Crinkles and Cakes

Hungrypac became popular with it’s chocolate crinkles. They later added cakes and other varieties of cookies. I visited their store in Greenhills to check out what’s new.

Their crinkles are chewy and chocolatey. No wonder it’s their bestseller.

I bought one container of chocolate ecstasy to try it out. It was indeed ecstasy! The cake was so moist and the choco icing was fudgy and yummy. It’s one of the better chocolate cakes in town.

When you need a cake to bring to a party or a potluck get the chocolate ecstasy. It’s a no fail crowd pleaser at a very affordable price.

whole chocolate ecstasy P445

other cake selections

I’m sorry to say that this is one of the worst sans rival I’ve ever eaten. It looks good in the picture but that’s because of my amazing photography ehem ehem :D. Sans rival for me should be crunchy and nutty with a light butter cream filling. This sans rival had big chunks of cashews and light butter cream but the merengue totally flops literally. It’s so full of air that it immediately flattens when you try to take a bite with your fork. It’s so soft and chewy. It’s only the liberal amount of cashew nuts that actually saved it from being a total disaster.

Ash Creek Center

Madison Street corner Ortigas Ave

telephone: 736-0002, 0917-8360092
look for Cynthia Ang for orders

6 thoughts on “Hungrypac Crinkles and Cakes

  1. Hey try the Choc crinkle from adb I will send thru ur mom. I have been reading your food blog only to realize you are no stranger. Growing up I went to church where your mom was the deacon.


  2. hmm i like their choco crinckles and i had a taste of their choco ecstasy..hope to have itmto sometimes..but thre are no hungry pac here in cavite city


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