Margaret River Day 3 – Part 1 Sea Gardens, Jewel Cave

Day 3 starts off with the best breakfast we’ve had in Australia. It was a short drive from MR to Prevelly where Sea Gardens restaurant was located.

view from the restaurant

the beach looks so near

The brekkie (breakfast in Aussie) wasn’t cheap but it sure was good and unique. We ordered 3 entrees and split it among the 4 of us. I loved having fresh mushrooms for breakfast. It’s so un-Filipino breakfast food. I wish we could have it here but fresh button mushroom costs about US$11-15 per kilo in Manila. Unbelievable huh? Forget about Portabello mushrooms. That costs double if you can find it. I just had to rant about mushrooms.

Bombiefree range fried eggs, crispy bacon,
sausage, mushrooms, tomato on toast A$20

another view of the Bombie

My favorite was the Mediterranean brekkie below. It’s the healthiest too.

Mediterraneanciabatta toast w/ roasted tomato,
spinach, mushroom, goat curd, pesto w/
poached free range eggs A$19.50

Eggs Benedict ciabatta toast, smoked salmon,
poached free range eggs, asparagus &
hollandaise sauce A$19

It’s good we had a heavy and hearty breakfast because we went to 2 caves where lots of stair climbing was involved. Need the energy!

Our first stop was Jewel cave. We bought a Grand Tour Pass (Jewel, Lake & Mammoth Caves) Adult A$45 Child A$22.

Very little can be found about the caves is Western Australia and I forgot most of what the guide said. I was too busy taking pictures. So I copied the text below from here. All I remember was there was sooooooo many stairs going up! I didn’t mind the going down part since we’d stop often to look at stalactites while the tour guide would explain how it was formed. But on the way up it was quite challenging. If I remember right there was a total of 300 steps round trip.

Jewel Cave is Western Australia’s largest show cave and is home to one of the longest straw stalactites found in any tourist cave in the world.

entrance to the cave

The caverns of Jewel Cave sink to a depth of 42 metres and stretch 1.9 kilometres long. Your guide will take you on an incredible and informative journey following 700 meters of walkways and stairs through several large caverns.

Inside the cave you will be bewildered by the colossal formations. The first descent takes you down a long, narrow tunnel which opens into a giant cavern. Jewel Cave creates the sensation of being under the ocean without the water. It has a soft golden glow and the sheer magnitude of its structure dwarfs its visitors.

Jewel Cave is home to many impressive formations. Soon after entering the cave you will see it its most famous formation, the straw stalactite that hangs delicately 5.4 metres from the ceiling. Your imagination will come alive in this cave – try to spot the organ pipes, giant shawl, friendly ghost, Jedi and the jewellery box.

at the 1st landing

Locals knew about the cave for many decades but it wasn’t properly explored until 1958 when two intrepid explorers, Lex Bastian and Lloyd Robinson, were brave enough to discover its depths. The following year, Jewel Cave was opened to the public and become an iconic tourism attraction.

Jewel Cave has revealed many surprises over the years, including the remains of a Thylacine, which is now safely stored by the Western Australian Museum.

very low clearance

Sea Garden Cafe
9 Mitchell Drive
Prevelly WA 6285
telephone: +61 8 9757 3074

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