Margaret River Day 3 – Part 2 Lake Cave, The Berry Farm, Blue Ginger

I must be a sucker for pain and suffering. After Jewel cave we went to Lake cave. The good thing is no one told me how many steps there are in each cave. If they did I wouldn’t have punished my arthritic knees!

Lake cave is the most beautiful and most painful. To go down to the cave I had to walk freakin 350 steps down the flight of stairs surrounded by gorgeous foliage. And that was going down. Wait til you read about my journey going up!

Lake Cave is widely renowned for its treasured formation, the “Suspended Table”. The “table” a massive column of calcite weighing in excess of five tonnes that seems to hang precariously from the ceiling, defying gravity and hovering just a few centimetres above the lake.
look at the reflection in the water

When the guide asked us what we saw in the picture below (right side within the lighted area) I immediately replied, “Hayden & Katrina!” I was right. (only Filipino readers will get that joke)

(click to enlarge if you don’t believe me)

We sat down and watched a light show spotlighting all the points of interest in the cave while the guide gave a narration.

The good thing about the journey up is there are several platforms with benches for resting. Boy did I use all of them. I pretended to sit and enjoy the view while my lungs caught up with my mouth which was gasping air like a goldfish out of water. The great wall of China had nothing on these steps! Hello? 350 steps up!

that’s me taking a nap at the halfway point
before i had to crawl up the rest of the way

While I rested I took a picture of the next batch of tourists about to take the tour. Now I know why the tour guide waited below for the tourists.

After that cardio workout that would have brought my trainer to weep tears of joy, we sought nourishment. But alas the coffee shop in the Berry farm was closed so we went to their store and gorged on the free samples.

The peach & vanilla butter was the best thing in the store. All 3 of us bought it. We also tried dukkah for the first time. Dukkah is a dry mixture of chopped nuts, seeds and spices and flavors. Dukkah is eaten by dipping bread first into olive oil and then into the nut mixture. Almost all the stores we went to had their own version of the dukkah. It’s a very good addition to bread and olive oil.

assortment of jams

wine tasting available too

We had early dinner at Blue Ginger fine foods at 4:30 pm since we skipped lunch. Blue Ginger is a cafe, deli and store selling specialty foods.
All of the food on the menu were already pre-made and just reheated when someone orders.
We were hesitant to order this chicken and coconut rice but it’s a good thing we did. It was so good! The rice was similar to risotto and there was a strong coconut and lime flavor. There was plenty of chicken chunks and onion slices.

Thai chicken & coconut rice A$15

Ploughman’s soup is a thick and hearty soup made with cheese and bacon. It was just what we needed to warm us from the cold, wet weather.

ploughman’s soup w/ crusty bread A$9

Paninis made with Turkish bread is another staple available in almost all the places we went to. This was a very flavorful and filling sandwich.

roast beef, tomato pesto, tomato, lettuce,
feta cheese, turkish bread A$11

The lasagna was very dry and almost bereft of any sauce but it was still good and chewy. Maybe we were just so hungry everything tasted good.

beef & lamb lasagna w/ garden salad A$15

When we got back to the apartment Chris & I went to Coles and bought the ingredients we needed to make marinated portobello mushrooms for dinner the next day.

We chose the smallest and cheapest balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil. Despite being the cheapest it was both excellent. The balsamic vinegar was thick and very sweet while the evoo was very light and fruity.

Mix 3 parts olive oil with 1 part balsamic vinegar. Add salt, pepper and fresh rosemary. We picked the rosemary from the Fermoy estate. shhhhh…

Pour marinade over the mushrooms, cover with a paper towel and keep in the refrigerator overnight or at least 3 hours.

After all that hard work we had some drinks and potato chips. Berry Fusion is from the Margaret River Beverage Co. which we weren’t able to visit due to lack of time. Their products are available everywhere.
Our favorite potato chips! We developed a deep love for anything rosemary on this trip. You’ll see why in the next few days. It definitely started with these potato chips.

I conked out at 8:00 pm.

The Berry Farm
222 Bessell Road, Margaret River
telephone: +61 8 9757 5054

Blue Ginger Fine Foods
31 Station Road. Margaret River, WA 6285
telephone: +61 8 9758 7619

2 thoughts on “Margaret River Day 3 – Part 2 Lake Cave, The Berry Farm, Blue Ginger

  1. Bitin… then, what did you do with the mushrooms?… baked it?,  cooked it stovetop?, grilled it?Hindi ka talaga pang-nature 😉 … halata iyong excitement mo when it comes to food and drink.


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