Margaret River Day 4 – Part 3 Breweries & Natural Olive Oil Soap Factory, Chow

We saved the breweries for the end of the day. Actually we were following a geographical route and the 2 breweries were at the farthest end. When we still in Manila doing research on the places to go to in Margaret River we saw that one of the breweries had chocolate beer. That piqued our interest even though none of us were beer drinkers. Our first stop was Bootleg Brewery.

After checking out the menu and not finding the chocolate beer we just took some pics and left.

We went to Natural Olive Oil Soap Factory next. I just love this tree lined road leading to the soap factory.

The smell of the place was wonderful. All sorts of fruit and herb scents mingled in the air.
There were tables full of hand cut soaps for different skin needs and a huge variety of scents.
This is the area where they do the packaging for all their products.
They also have a food section selling dips, olives, olive oil and vinegar.
This was my favorite product. It looks simple enough to recreate at home. Hopefully my experiment will taste as good.

Vasse Virgin Macadamia Pesto

Bush Shack Brewery was really far and out of the way but we were hellbent on trying that elusive chocolate beer so we pursued our search. We finally found it inside a big compound where the Yallingup Forest resort and spa retreat was located.
I found this tree really fascinating. It was white and the bark was very smooth. I wonder what kind of tree it is.

click to see the amusing labels

click to see all the varieties of beer
The proprietor explaining that we can pick from the amber, dark and rtd (ready to drink) for our beer sampler.


Bush Shack Brewery menu

We had the pick it (5 x pony) for A$12.
The ones encircled are what we chose. The chocolate beer wasn’t really flavored beer. It just had an aroma of chocolate which I didn’t smell or taste. The Kick n Kole was our favorite because it tasted like caramel soda with a kick.

Rochelle wanted her son to try beer for the first time. She’s hoping he gets turned off by the taste forever and not drink when he grows up. Yeh right.

When we got back home I finally cooked the mushrooms we marinated the day before. With marinated portobellos you can grill, bake or even use a George Foreman grill to cook it. But since we didn’t want to clean more things I just pan fried it. Don’t forget to remove the stems before cooking. You can cook the stems separately.

Put the portobello in between bread, add some greens, mayonnaise, cheese if you want and you have a fabulous sandwich. You won’t miss meat with this hearty sandwich.

We also ordered some take out from Chow which was just below our apartment. Chow opens for take outs only from 5 to 9pm.

menu of Chow

We transferred the food from Chow’s take out boxes. As you can see from the picture the pat thai isn’t authentic. But P liked it anyway. I didn’t try it.

pat thai noodles A$16.50

The lamb was very, very tender and full of flavor.

chermoula lamb A$17
with tabbouleh, kasundi, hummus

The chicken was very good. We were amazed how they cooked such a thick chicken breast without drying it up. It was evenly cooked and delicious. The pasta was too creamy though. A few bites is more than enough.

chicken parmigiana A$17
w/ spaghetti carbonara

The chocolate mud was a giant dense and rich ganache like cake. It took us two days to finish it.

chocolate mud w/ buttercrunch A$10.5

Bootleg Brewery
Puzey Rd Wilyabrup

Margaret River, WA 6285
telephone: +61 8 9755 6300

The Natural Olive Oil Soap Factory
135 Puzey Rd Willyabrup
Margaret River, WA 6285
telephone: +61 8 97556111

Bush Shack Brewery
Lot 3 Hemsley Road
Yallingup WA 6282
telephone: +61 8 9755 2848

Chow Cuisine To Go
Shop 3, 21 Fearn Ave,
Margaret River, WA 6285
telephone: +61 8 9757 9000

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