Margaret River Day 5 – Part 1 Country Life Farm

Today is all for P, Rochelle’s son who had to suffer so many days of adult places. He loves animals so we went to Country Life Farm to pet some animals. I thought I would be bored but I really had fun.

We were provided with small pails of freshly cut carrots for feeding the animals. You can always ask for more if you run out.

There were several play areas around the farm like bouncy castles, row boat, bump cars, etc. but most were closed because it was a low season.

Chris feeding a joey or a baby kangaroo
P just loved the rabbits. He stayed here the whole time we were at the farm.

I on the other hand couldn’t wait to get out of there. The guinea pigs gave me the heebie jeebies when they flocked at my feet. They reminded me of rats. Somehow the guinea pigs, rabbits, chickens, birds all co-existed peacefully in the same enclosure.

The farm didn’t have many animals but they had one or two of each specie. I kept waiting for this peacock to open it’s tail but to no avail.

“honey look at those two, wink.. wink..”

bird 1, “stop moving”
bird 2, “get off me you louse!”

“hiya mate! my name is Joe”

I just like this pic

This is where Chris and I spent all our time. It was a hoot feeding the llamas and goat. I loved the goat. It had attitude. If we fed a llama beside him he’d headbutt the llama.

“Don’t stick your tongue out at me!”

“I fed you and you spit at me?
ungrateful llama!”
(click to see spit on jacket)

Shetland ponies

hmm matching grins 😛

“Let me at ’em!”

“I can reach it…streeetch”

“got it!”

“yeh baby”

I don’t know what animal this was but it reminded me of a mammoth. We tried to feed it but it wouldn’t come near us.
Country Life Farm
Caves Rd, Dunsborough
(towards, Yallingup)

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