Perth Day 7 – Part 2 Caversham Wildlife Park, James St. Kitchen

In the afternoon we went to Caversham Wildlife Park in Swan Valley because P hasn’t had enough of looking at animals. We had more than enough so only Warren went in with him. Admission is A$22 for adults and A$8 for kids (3 to 14).

But after seeing these pictures I wonder if we made the right decision. There were more animals here than Country Life Farm or Wonky Windmill Farm.

docile kangaroos

camel ride A$6

shearing sheep

the reason why I didn’t go

ultra cute & fat wombat


Since we skipped lunch we were hungry for Chinese food. We went to James St. Kitchen in Northbridge as recommended by Ralph.

Warren got carried away and ordered way too much. But it was all soooo good.

wintermelon soup
This is one of the best roast duck I’ve ever eaten. The skin is so crisp and the meat so tender and juicy. Usually the skin is soft. I don’t know how they managed to make it so crisp even with the sauce on the duck.

roast duck

This pork dish definitely needed lots of rice. The sauce was so flavorful from the preserved vegetables.

Pork Belly with Preserved Vegetables

crispy seafood noodles

tow miaw veggies

This is the first time we’ve tried wasabi beef. It was different and delicious. The wasabi was mild but added a kick to the dish. I was so busy eating I didn’t notice that my pictures were blurred.

wasabi beef

The waiter was dumbfounded to see a total wipe out. And to think we were worried Warren ordered too much. The bill was A$150. Not bad for all these food. This included bottomless rice too.

After seeing how we devoured everything, the waiter presented us with another challenge. Free dessert! I passed on the sweet soup since I was too full and I’m not fond of red beans. Rochelle loved it and ate 3 bowls. I don’t know where she put it.

glutinous rice and red bean soup

James St Kitchen
109 James St., Northbridge
Perth, WA, 6003
telephone: +61 8 9227 1437

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