Dinner at Arya Persian Restaurant

Some of us amigas had dinner last Monday at Arya Persian restaurant at the Promenade at Greenhills Shopping Center. It’s one of our favorite places for Middle Eastern food.

partial amigas

For starters we ordered the Arya dip platter made up of Hummus, Motabal, Tzitziki, and Mirza Ghasemi. It came with a basket of pita bread.

Arya dip platter P245


All the dishes were served with an abundant amount of basmati rice and a couple of grilled tomatoes. Maksus is a combination of ground beef on one skewer and beef cubes in another skewer. Hmm I didn’t see this on the menu. Suki talaga si Deb!


Royal joojeh kabab are skewers of chicken breast marinated in safforn & yogurt. I tried a piece and found it very tasty but a bit dry.

royal joojeh kabab P365

Pat ordered the keema because she said it looked like arroz ala cubana or picadillo. She really liked it because she finished all of her rice plus 1/2 of mine.

keema P235

I ordered the lamb chops. I loved it! It was tender, full flavored and smokey. My only complaint was the slices were very thin. I only ate about 1/4 of my rice since there was no sauce. Well, that’s good news for my diet.

Arya shishlik P555

Beef koobideh is Elisa’s favorite dish in Arya. It’s made of seasoned ground beef that’s formed into skewers and grilled. Next time this is what I will order.

beef koobideh P355

garlic and chili sauce

All our orders came with grilled tomatoes which can be made into a salad by the waiter. We had extra special service that night since our tomato salads were made by the owner himself.

The tomato is first peeled then seasoned with freshly ground pepper and topped with yogurt garlic sauce and then mashed.

tomato salad

Dr. Shin Karami

For dessert we shared a fig orange cake. It was warm and super soft. Dr. Karami told us it was sweetened with ground dried white figs. I loved the cake. It was the perfect dessert for our meal.

Dr. Karami even brought out a container of figs to show us what it looked like. I never knew there were white figs. I’m only familiar with the fig newton kind. 🙂

dried white figs

Dr. Karami also served us cardamom tea in traditional colorful tea glasses.

They even have water pipes called ghalyun in Iran or shisha in our middle eastern countries. You can sit outside and smoke flavored tobacco to your heart’s content.

ghalyun or hookah or shisha

We had a very good and satisfying meal. Next time we plan to go to their newly opened branch at the Podium. Dr. Karami was very proud of all the authentic art work and decor in the Podium branch. We can’t wait to see it.

Arya menu
soups & salads, cold & hot maze,
beef, chicken, lamb

Arya Persian Restaurant
Unit L-9 Promenade Mall
Greenhills, San Juan
telephone: 584-6266

Podium Mall
Adb Ave. Ortigas Center
Pasig City
telephone: 571-3962

2nd level Robinson’s Manila
(Midtown Wing)
Pedro Gil cor. Adriatico Sts.,
Ermita, Manila
telephone: 567-3800

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