Dessert at Bizu Patisserie

Bizu is one of my favorite restaurants. I’ve eaten there so many times that I already have a discount card. Alas those were all pre-blog days. I finally went back for dessert after our dinner at Freska.

It’s not cheap to eat at Bizu but I can guarantee they have the best cakes, pastries and dessert. They definitely have the best French macaroons in town. At P35 per piece it’s a steal compared to buying it in Hong Kong, Usa and specially Paris. It’s comparable in quality too.

Note: This review was made in 2009 when there weren’t other suppliers of macarons in Manila. I recently tried Bizu’s macarons again and found the flavors to be mild and artificial tasting. The texture was dry and even a bit brittle.  Maybe it’s because I’ve tried much better macarons that I realize the difference between really good quality and mediocre ones. 8/20/11

We shared a plate of assorted flavors of macaroons. We tried the lemon, raspberry, chocolate, espresso, butterscotch, mango and vanilla. My favorite was the chocolate. It was dark and rich and the most intensely flavored among those I tried.

I’ve tried several of their small cakes. My favorite is the Amore. But the best dessert in Bizu is the Valrhona chocolate souffle with vanilla ice cream and a choice of chocolate or vanilla sauce. It’s not the typical light and airy souffle. This was more like a molten chocolate cake which was deep, dark, dense and delicious. A small order can be shared by 6 people. It’s the best fix for any chocoholic.

Valrhona chocolate souffle P285

Poke a hole in the souffle and pour in the chocolate sauce. Dip your spoon and scoop out a spoonful of chocolate heaven. Put it in your mouth, close your eyes and go mmmmmmm. Open your eyes right away and get some ice cream. Eat and go ahhhhhhhh. That’s how you eat the souffle.

Bizu Patisserie
The Promenade, Greenhills Shopping Center
telephone: 724-2498 • 726-2496

4 thoughts on “Dessert at Bizu Patisserie

  1. Im not a big fan of chocolates but in Bizu everything about it changes. Their different kinds of chocolate based cakes are absolutely divine. I love their chocolate tart. Also i think they make one of the best macaroons in town. Its pistachio and rose flavor for me. My one and only gripe about Bizu is their coffee. They serve Lavazza, its supposed to be one of the best beans but their barista has to learn making a good cup of espresso. The espresso i had was definitely made wrong. This goes for both the GH and GB branch


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