Typhoon Ondoy flood relief operations – pictures & videos

This is the true spirit of the Filipinos. See the bayanihan spirit in action.

I’m so proud of my alma mater, Ateneo de Manila for the tremendous work they are doing now.

I just keep thinking of all these plastic bags being used for the relief goods and hope they will be disposed of properly. Otherwise, it will just add to the garbage clogging the drains and the environmental waste. At least SM’s plastic bags are bio-degradable. They start to disintegrate in 3 months if under the sun. If not under direct sunlight it takes a little longer.

These are from Xavier school in Greenhills. Pictures were taken by Diosdado Ng who posted them in facebook.

These wonderful pictures of the efforts being done in my alma mater, ICA, were taken by Debbie Lim-Yulo who sent them to me via mms when I told Kathleen I was doing this entry. Thanks Debbie and Kathleen!! They badly need more products like instant coffee, milk, milo, canned goods and rice. You can deliver them by using gate 3 where cars can go in directly to the covered court.

These pictures are from La Salle Greenhills from I copied from here. Photos by Arianne Blanche Ramirez.

These pictures were taken by Elisa at SM Marikina on Monday, Sept 28. SM foundation with the help of volunteers from the Belo Medical Group and some ROTC from La Salle repacked food and brought medical supplies to Concepcion, Marikina. We would like to thank Deb and the SM foundation for this exceptional help.

The aftermath viewed from the entrance deck of SM Marikina.

SM Marikina’s stairwell going to basement open parking area.

SM Marikina’s stairs going to basement parking.

floodwater almost reached the 2nd floor level. note the mud level at the basement….

SM Foundation’s Mobile Clinic, loaded with medicines, ready to be distributed in Concepcion Marikina

ROTC volunteers from La Salle and doctors from the Belo Medical Group

Time to load the vans with grocery bags

Debbie Sy, Executive Director SM Foundation

This is just a small view of the relief operations ongoing in and around Manila. There are many, many more organizations, TV stations, civic groups that are holding their own relief operations. If you are in the Philippines go to your nearest school or church and help out. For those outside of the Philippines the best thing you can do is send money to the Philippine Red Cross or get more details here.

More pictures of bigger scale relief operations from Heart 2 Heart’s site.

One thought on “Typhoon Ondoy flood relief operations – pictures & videos

  1. Thanks for posting these pictures! It really made my day. I’m ICAn, Atenean, and I taught in Xavier 🙂 PS Hope you don’t mind if I link to your blog  and re-post some of the pics – everything was credited. (lingeringsunsets.blogspot.com)


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