Chocolate Sticky Donut from Little Mermaid Bakery

There are lots of Japanese bakeries in Hong Kong and I love them all. My favorites are Panash and Little Mermaid Bakery. During my last trip I didn’t buy anything from Panash because of my diet. I tried to avoid Little Memaid too but for the sake of this blog I bought my favorite chocolate sticky donut so I could show you what it is.

From citysuper’s site:
Little Mermaid Bakery has more than 420 outlets in Japan and now several outlets in Hong Kong (IFC, Times Square, New Town Plaza and Harbour City stores). In fact, the very first Little Mermaid Bakery in the city was opened in city’super in IFC in 2003.

Famous for its products freshly baked on the premises, Little Mermaid’s most popular items include the authentic Parisian baguette, Milk Cream Snail, Camembert Cheese Bread and the range of Danish bakery goods such as the fresh fruit Danish pastries, Whole Wheat and Seven Grain breads and crusty Three Grain Rolls.

They have lots of tempting breads in the store but I only buy the chocolate sticky donut. These aren’t the traditional fried doughnuts that we are familiar with. These are really mochi or glutinous rice cakes made with chocolate dough and filled with chocolate ganache and sprinkled with cocoa powder.

Each piece costs HK$7. That’s a deal compared to the mochi at Mochi Cream, another Japanese store in Hong Kong, which sell for HK$13-17 each.
You must eat this as soon as you buy it. It’s soft, chewy and extremely chocolatey. Be careful of the ganache that will drip when you take a bite out of the donut. Trust me you’ve never eaten anything as good as this.
Little Mermaid Bakery 

Harbour City Level 3
3 – 27 Canton Road,
Tsim Sha Tsui,

IFC Mall Level 1
1 Harbour View Street
Hong Kong

1 Matheson Street
B1/F, City’s Super Times Square
Causeway Bay

18 Sha Tin Centre Street
City’Super 2nd Flr. New Town Plaza,
Phase 1 Sha Tin

4 thoughts on “Chocolate Sticky Donut from Little Mermaid Bakery

  1. my sis and i have tried this.  it’s yum.  i brought home for my kids.  only my eldest liked it.  it’s sooooo good!!!  did you try their hokkaido bread?  oh my.  super yum even if there’s no spread at all.  =-X


  2. little mermaid is one of the better bakeries in hk. i love all their breads especially when fresh out of the oven. i buy their sugar raisin rolls by the dozen every trip home or else mom will nag. and for myself, chocolate sticky donuts, of course! 😉


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