Shakey’s Angus Steakhouse Pizza

Shakey's Angus Steakhouse pizza-1
It was a lazy Sunday afternoon and the most exciting part of the day was waiting for news on the Pacquaio-Cotto fight in Las Vegas. After checking live blogs online for blow by blow accounts of the fight, I learnt that Manny Pacquiao won by a technical knock-out on round 12. Yehey! Congratulations to the best boxer in the world!!

To celebrate the big win, I ordered the Angus Steakhouse pizza from Shakey’s. I wanted to try it after seeing their ad all over tv, newspapers and billboards. I’ve always liked Shakey’s pizza for it’s thin and crispy crust. I usually just order the garlic and cheese which is my favorite from Shakey’s.
Shakey's Angus Steakhouse pizza

My first impression when I opened the box was the pizza was very oily. After blotting out all the excess oil with a paper napkin, I took my first bite. The pizza was crisp and the sauce was slightly sour and very tomato-ey. I hate sweet tomato sauce on pizzas or pasta.
Shakey's Angus Steakhouse pizza-1
Shakey’s Angus Steakhouse Pizza, large, thin crust P410

The Angus beef was very, very tender and spiced just right. The mushrooms were a perfect complement to the steak. I loved the extra crunch from the fried shoestring potatoes liberally scattered on the pizza. The roast onions also gave the pizza a natural sweetness. I appreciated the sauce and cheese all the way to the edge of the crust. With other pizzas they leave half an inch or more for the border. I usually leave that part of the crust uneaten. With this pizza there was no left-over crust.
Shakey's Angus Steakhouse pizza-2

I also ordered a single size of mojo potatoes. It brought back childhood memories when I used to go to Shakey’s just to eat the mojo potatoes.
Shakey's mojo potatoes

Mojo potatoes are simply sliced potatoes dipped in spiced flour and deep fried. They taste like fried chicken. They still taste as good as ever. I liked the thinner slices better though. The potatoes came with a choice of zesty caesar or spicy garlic dip. I chose the caesar dip which was good but I liked eating the potatoes by itself. It didn’t need any dip.

Shakey's mojo potatoes-1
mojo potatoes w/ dip P87

Shakey’s delivery telephone no: 77-777

One thought on “Shakey’s Angus Steakhouse Pizza

  1. Cool! I ordered exactly the same items for me and my son a few hours ago, then I came upon your blog. Yeah, I was surprised that the tomato sauce wasn’t as sweet as the usual Filipino pizza sauce, and it went nicely with the rest of the ingredients. I think the thin crust works better with this than a thicker one, which would prove to be too carby on top of all that oil.


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