Goodburgers Chicken Burger

I love burgers and I’m always on the lookout for good burgers. When I saw Goodburgers in a more convenient location in Greenhills I decided to give it a try again. The last time I ate their chicken burger was years ago.


What makes Goodburgers different is they sell only chicken and veggie burgers.

Goodburgers menu

Their packaging was a simple and thick brown paper bag.

Individual burgers were wrapped in foil instead of the usual paper wrappers that other burger joints use.

I appreciated their option of using a whole wheat bun for an additional P5. Not bad and much healthier. It was nice and hearty too.

I ordered the herb delite chicken burger ‘good’ size. It had cottage cheese and basil. It seemed the healthiest option in their menu. I loved the chicken patty’s grilled flavor. It tasted like I was eating a beef burger without the fat. I didn’t miss the beef at all. I just didn’t like the toppings since I couldn’t taste the basil nor the cottage cheese. Next time I’ll simply order the ‘Just Burger’ with mayo and ketchup.
herb delite chicken burger on whole wheat bun P85

I’m glad I tried Goodburgers again. Now I know where to get my quick, cheap and healthy burger fix. I wish they had nutritional information on their burgers. But I’m pretty sure the chicken burgers have a lot less calories and fat than beef burgers.


One Kennedy Place
Annapolis St. cor. Ortigas Avenue,
Greenhills, San Juan
telephone: 723-4663 (delivery)

106 E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave., C5 Pasig
telephone: 671-4242

10 East Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo, Pasig
telephone: 636-4663

162 Maginhawa St., Sikatuna Village, QC
telephone: 435-4663

6 thoughts on “Goodburgers Chicken Burger

  1. I live in kapitolyo and I never fail to call good burgers 2-3 times in a week when im stuck in traffic.. just to pre-order. I always devour on their Garlic Barbeque Chicken Burger with wheat bread. Definitely a must try! My dad and I never get sick of it  🙂 Messy to eat though but worth the fuzz! Try the Margherita and Persian burger too 🙂 … Way better than Charlie’s in my opinion!


  2. i always pass Good Burger when going to eat at Charlie’s, haha! nice to know its good din pala, will stop by


  3. Many of us food eaters nowadays are somehow deceived bythe looks of the place or strategic locations. Good Burger has been inexistence for more than a decade already and regardless of the external looksof the place, which is presentable with good standards, I would still prefer tohave their burgers as compared to the biggest names in the industry. They onlyuse the best ingredients in the market…their chicken patties are from thenumber one and arguably the longest supplier of livestock in the country andnot imported from abroad where most chicken have undergone the process of HALALor KOSHER. It’s not that I have something against these practices, however for CHRISTIANS;such meat products that underwent both processes must not be eaten or consumed.For VEGETARIANS, they also have Veggie Patties, which I prefer often times. Theyalso use the best bread/bun, cheese, salsas, chilies, herbs, etc…that giveseach burger a unique quality taste. I encourage people to check out any GoodBurger outlets to personally experience the difference. Remember, “Burger hasto be GOOD!”


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