Cafe Key West at iSQUARE

Squid linguine w/ black squid ink
We tried another restaurant at the newest mall in Tsim Sha Tsui called iSQUARE. Cafe Key West is very similar to Pokka Cafe and UCC Cafe. These are all restaurants of popular coffee brands from Japan.

Key West Cafe

They sell their own brand of coffee called Key Coffee.
Key West Cafe-2

Key West Cafe-3

Key West Cafe-1

Their menu was typical of a Japanese coffee shop. They had Western, Italian and Asian dishes prepared the Japanese way. Everything was very good. I think I like this place even more than Pokka and UCC.
Japanese pumpkin cream soup
Japanese pumpkin cream soup HK$45

The Hokkaido sausage was mildly spiced and the flavor was subtle but delicious. The casing of the sausage had a snap to its bite.
Hokkaido sausage w/ garlic
Hokkaido sausage w/ garlic HK$55

Whoever thought of putting a barely cooked, quivering poached egg on top of risotto is a genius. It added creaminess when mixed with the rice. This risotto reminded me of paella.
Mushroom & chicken risotto w/ fresh tomato & hot spring egg
Mushroom & chicken risotto w/
fresh tomato & hot spring egg HK$68

Why is it I only get to eat squid ink pasta in Japanese restaurants? The last time I ate this was at Capricciosa in Manila. The Japanese sure love squid and they make squid ink pasta very well.
Squid linguine w/ black squid ink
Squid linguine w/ black squid ink HK$75

Green tea ice cream

I never liked green tea flavored desserts but we decided to try this since it was on promotion and the waitress said it was special green tea soft serve ice cream from Hokkaido, Japan. Wow it was so good! The flavor was intense and tasted like real green tea. Other green tea ice cream or desserts I’ve tried tasted like artificial flavoring. This ice cream was so thick and creamy and wasn’t too sweet.
Green tea ice cream
Green tea ice cream HK$12

I would definitely go back to this restaurant. The price is affordable and the food is well cooked. Next time I’ll try their coffee concoctions.

Cafe Key West menu
soup, appetizer, spaghetti, wafu spaghetti, rice,
steak, curry & sandwich, wafu dessert, ice cream, coffee

Cafe Key West (now closed)
Shop 606, 6/F, iSQUARE,
63 Nathan Road,
Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
telephone: 2722-0993

3 thoughts on “Cafe Key West at iSQUARE

  1. When I was in Hong Kong stayed accross this Isquare Building, unfortunately I wasn’t able to go around. Maybe next time! Keep posting I love your blog! 🙂


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