NY Pizza

Once in a while I crave for pizza. I’m lying. I always crave for pizza. But I seldom give in to my craving since it’s bad, bad, bad for me. Every time I go to Nail Loft in J. Abad Santos I look across the street and gaze longingly at NY Pizza then turn left and head to the Tofu store for a cup of healthy, yummy taho. Taho is good but I’d rather eat pizza.

One Saturday I gave in and treated myself to one of my favorite pizzas from NY Pizza. I called in my order and in a few minutes I had half of an 18″ pizza in front of me. The pizzas in NY Pizza come only in one size – 18″ which is humongous compared to Shakey’s and Pizza Hut where the largest pizza measures a wimpy 14″. 

NY Pizza

I always order their Bay Shore anchovy & garlic pizza. It’s simple but packed with flavor from the anchovies. They need to load up on the garlic because I barely tasted it. I loved their crust which isn’t as thin as the pizzas at Amici or CPK but it’s thin enough with a crunchy yet chewy texture. The bottom of the crust is dry with a layer of cornmeal that gave a crisp bite. The one thing I can’t stand is an oily, soggy & soft crust like Pizza Hut’s Viva pizza.
anchovy & garlic pizza
1/2 – 18″  Bay Shore anchovy & garlic pizza

The cheese and toppings go all the way to the edge of the crust. This is one pizza that I don’t leave the end of the crust uneaten. This is definitely a no left-over pizza.
anchovy & garlic pizza

If you don’t like anchovies or garlic they have several flavors to choose from. You can even combine 4 flavors into one pizza. 
NY Pizza menu
NY Pizza menu

NY Pizza has only one branch in San Juan. So if you’re in the area try it out. You won’t regret it.

NY Pizza
J. Abad Santos, San Juan, Metro Manila

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