Lunch at Angel’s Kitchen

Angel's Kitchen
I brought my aunt and uncle who were from Texas and was visiting Manila to have lunch at Angel’s Kitchen. I knew they would enjoy the cozy restaurant and the comfort food they served.
My aunt loved the simple and charming decor.
Angel's Kitchen-1

Angel's Kitchen-2

Melba toast and chicken liver pate were given even before we ordered. They also sell the pate as well as other spreads. You can try any spread before buying. Just ask the waitress for a sample.
chicken liver pate
chicken liver pate

An order of tea comes in a pot and can be shared.
Angel's Kitchen-4

We all loved the unique Asian style pasta. The noodles were al dente and the sauce tasted just like the sauce used in Unagi or Japanese eel. It was a little sweet and salty.
shiitake mushroom w/ unagi pasta
shiitake mushroom w/ unagi pasta P338

I think this was one of their most popular dishes since I saw several people who ordered this too. The rice was like a vegetarian, native paella stuffed with the vegetables found in pinakbet like eggplant, squash and okra. The rice was soft and very flavorful. The lechon kawali was way over cooked and tough. The bagoong was mild and not too salty although I couldn’t really taste the chocolate.
pinakbet rice w/ lechon kawali & chocolate bagoong
pinakbet rice w/ lechon kawali & chocolate bagoong P398

pinakbet rice

The lamb curry was one of their signature dishes and rightly so. It was a generous serving of super tender lamb in a rich, spicy curry gravy. The apple raisin chutney provided the perfect complement to the curry.
lamb curry w/ apple raisin chutney
lamb curry w/ apple raisin chutney P478

Bangus or milkfish is usually served fried or smoked. I seldom see it prepared in a different way. When I saw the words ‘bangus belly in tamarind sauce’ I knew I had to try it. The picture doesn’t look very appetizing but it was really good. The sauce wasn’t very sour but a bit tangy. It was perfect on the mild and soft bangus.
bangus belly in tamarind sauce
bangus belly in tamarind sauce P388

My aunt thought the malakoff or French sansrival looked interesting so we ordered it. It was nothing like the crunchy sans rival that I love. It had thick layers of buttercream and nuts and soft cake layers. I didn’t like it at all.
malakoff P178

They have several cakes on display.
Angel's Kitchen-12

Angel's Kitchen-13

While waiting for you food look at the many bottled products they sell.
Angel's Kitchen-14
homemade bagoong, tuna venezia sauce, puttanesca sauce, bangus in corn oil

So far I’ve only tried their lemon garlic tinapa which I love eating with garlic fried rice and eggs.
Angel's Kitchen-15
tawilis in corn oil, lemon garlic tinapa, chili garlic tinapa

A warning if you want to bring these bottles to the United States or elsewhere. The bottles aren’t sealed very tightly. I can almost guarantee spillage. My cousin and I have experienced this already. So be sure to tape the lid well and double pack in in plastic bags.
Angel's Kitchen-16
sweet chili tinapa, spicy tuyo, adobong tuyo

Angel's Kitchen-17
white peony, honey roasted Vietnam cashews

I love, love, love their date and walnut bread. It’s made with whole wheat flour and it’s perfect with peanut butter or ham.
date & walnut bun
date & walnut bread 6 pcs P150

adobo & pork asado buns
asado and adobo buns

taro & read bean bun
taro & red bean bun

Angel’s Kitchen menu
quarterly specials, teas, pandenini, appetizers, salads, soup,
pasta, meats, poultry & seafood, fish, rice duo

Angel’s Kitchen
57 Connecticut St.,
North East Greenhills
San Juan
telephone: 744-1018, 721-8822

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