Desserts from Angel’s Kitchen

rustic apple pie
After trying Angel’s Kitchen’s date and walnut bread and loving it,  I went back the next week to buy another pack. I saw the fresh apple pie on the counter and I knew I had to buy a slice. I’ve tried their apple pie a long time ago and I don’t remember it making an impact on me. But since this apple pie made the list of Inquirer’s 24 best desserts I decided to give it another chance.
rustic apple pie w/ butterscotch sauce P1,450/whole

I’m always on the lookout for an apple pie that will beat my holy grail of apple pies –Sugarhouse’s French apple pie. From looking at it, it definitely has a lot of potential. The apples were chunky, the crust looked crunchy and the raisins and pecans were a plus.
rustic apple pie

First I tried the butterscotch sauce. It was thin, way too sweet and didn’t taste buttery at all so I skipped it. I then took a bite of apple pie. The apples were very tart and a bit mushy. The crust was just regular pie crust covered with brown sugar. I didn’t like it at all. The only thing I liked were the pecans. I ate the filling and left the crust untouched.

So it’s still Sugarhouse for me. Their apple pie has firm, crunchy apples and a crisp buttery and cookie like crust.
rustic apple pie
rustic apple pie w/ butterscotch sauce P188/slice

I love the combination of peanut butter and chocolate but I almost never see that in Manila’s dessert selections. So when I saw the incredible chocolate peanut butter pie I immediately bought a slice. In my mind I could already taste the rich silky peanut butter filling and the chocolate crust.
incredible chocolate peanut butter & grape jam pie
incredible chocolate peanut butter & grape jam pie P1250/whole

I hurried with my photo shoot so I could finally take a bite of the delicious looking pie. I finally got my fork and took a big piece. The first bite immediately brought disappointment. The filling was a light mousse with chopped peanuts and barely any peanut butter flavor. I was imagining a thicker, denser filling with a creamy peanut butter taste. Next was the thin, super soggy chocolate crust. I wish it was thicker and firmer to give contrast to the filling. And where was the grape jam? I didn’t taste it at all. I suspect it was spread on the chocolate crust which made it soggy. Sad to say it definitely wasn’t incredible.
incredible chocolate peanut butter & grape jam pie
incredible chocolate peanut butter & grape jam pie P158/slice

After trying 3 disappointing desserts from Angel’s Kitchen I will stick to their yummy food, breads and bottled goodies which hasn’t failed me so far.
Angel's Kitchen-13

Angel’s Kitchen
57 Connecticut St.,
North East Greenhills
San Juan
telephone: 744-1018, 721-8822

2 thoughts on “Desserts from Angel’s Kitchen

  1. for desserts which are actually nothing spectacular, their prices are kinda steep.  i think i’ll stick to conti’s  🙂   i love their apple pie, by the way  🙂


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