Dinner at Romulo Cafe

Romulo Cafe
After Jane treated us at The Frazzled Cook it was Mila’s turn and she chose Romulo Cafe in Quezon City. There are a lot of restaurants I’ve never tried in the Tomas Morato area and I was excited to try a new Filipino restaurant.

I loved what they did to an old house. The mostly monochromatic interiors were very modern and refreshing.
Romulo Cafe-1

The foyer’s seating areas were not air-conditioned but were still full of people.
Romulo Cafe-2

Romulo Cafe-4

Romulo Cafe-3

Romulo Cafe-5

We sat in this small room which was reserved by two big groups. We felt like we were part of the party.
Romulo Cafe-6

The walls were filled with pictures of Carlos P. Romulo and various dignitaries.
Romulo Cafe-7

This is another dining room with a splash of green. I wasn’t able to take pictures of the function rooms on the second floor.
Romulo Cafe-8

Romulo Cafe-9

Romulo Cafe-10

We ordered the unique Pinoy nachos made with sweet potato and taro chips and topped with melted kesong puti (native white cheese), keso de bola (edam cheese) and tomatoes. It was good but some of the chips were very soggy. I wish they put more sauce and cheese on it.
pinoy nachos
pinoy nachos P85

We unanimously agreed to order the boneless crispy pata binagoongan. I was curious how it would turn out. The crispy pata was indeed crispy and the meat was tender and flavorful. The bagoong or shrimp paste wasn’t very salty and it was sauteed with lots of tomatoes and onions and poured on top of the crispy pata. It was a very good combination.
boneless crispy pata binagoongan
boneless crispy pata binagoongan P625

I’ve read praises about the kare kare from other blogs so my expectation was pretty high. It was just ok for me. Nothing out of this world. Mila and Jane were the perfect people to eat kare kare with. Mila ate only the veggies while Jane chose all the tripe and I wanted the ox tail only. The problem was I didn’t find any ox tail. All there was were chunks of beef. That was quite disappointing.
Tito Greg's Kare Kare
Tito Greg’s Kare Kare P385
Tito Greg's Kare Kare

I have a high tolerance for sweets but this lech flan is beyond sweet. It can give you a toothache. It’s sweeter than honey, sugar and syrup put together. Avoid this at all cost.
leche flan
leche flan P65

The turon had an ultra sweet pineapple puree filling. Another fail. The calamansi sherbet was nice and tart. That was the only saving factor in this dessert.
tropical turon w/ calamansi sherbet
tropical turon w/ calamansi sherbet P145

The Romulo Cafe is a very popular restaurant. We were there on a week night and the place was packed. The food was a bit average although there were some that stood out specifically the crispy pata binagoongan. I would go back to try some other food in the menu.  I’ll just avoid the desserts.

Romulo Cafe menu
appetizers/salad/soup/pasta/noodles, main course, new items,
dessert, drinks

Romulo Cafe
32 Scout Tuason corner Dr. Lazcano
Tomas Morato, Quezon City
telephone: 332-7275

13 thoughts on “Dinner at Romulo Cafe

  1. you may also want to try their pomelo salad (sweet and refreshing) and chicken relleno (yumm just like grandma used to make!).  i wasn’t a fan of the monggo soup and cheese turon with ice cream though.  plus, the room we stayed in (same as yours above) was filled to the brim with diners and we had to shout to our seatmates just to make ourselves heard.


  2. Hello Leslie,I’ve always been intrigued by Romulo Cafe. I should really make the time to visit. Thanks for the post. 🙂


  3. It’s a pity you did not get to try their tamarind rubbed roast chicken… I find it one of their frontliner dishes… The chicken is fall-off-the-bone tender and moist… Sour, savory and succulent… A good combination of flavors… Also try out their baby squid in garlic and olive oil… Good… :*


  4. les, i need your carrot recipe (San Francisco Steak HOuse) it is not in you recipe tab.btw, romulo has asister resto along sct limbago called CERCHIO. try their grilled stuffed squid with black rice & 4 cheese thin crust pizza. good…. you should try romulo’s signature drink the cucumber w/mint.  it is so popular sugh that the sister resto is also serving it.


  5. Exotic…international flavors on our own Filipino food!  What else can be said…I highly recommend this restaurant to expats, locals, name it, all walks of life!  Come one come all…hey UN people! Kudos Yong!


  6. thanks f0r the tips! i’m planning t0 g0 there with my bf!  ϡastig p0 ng bL0g niy0… =)Please supp0rt 0ur bL0g by f0LL0wing us back @  http://fashionmoto.blogspot.com/ andhttp://www.bloglovin.com/en/blog/3032396/fashi0nm0t0Thank y0u! ^_^


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